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SILVERCREST ADVERTISING Discover Your Franchisee ’ s Territory



silvercrest a d v e r t i s i n g

It all starts with a map . What if you could provide your franchisees even more marketing power within their territory ?
And , what if on this map you could take any and all local data – transactions , email penetration , paid search click-thru rates , anything – and represent this information back to your franchisees on a geographic heat map specific to that local territory . See where there is action – and where there is not .
Go one step further and overlay all the available advertising options – those your franchisees use today – and those that they do not .
What picture is painted ? Are there areas where no advertising means no transactions ? Or current advertising is not moving the needle ?
What about this , you take target demographics of your ideal customer – the ones who are the most likely to need your product – and overlay this too . A story forms . A strategy is made .
Bundle this into a tool that provides immediate access to create , buy and track your franchisee advertising spend - all in one platform . A means to aggregate your local franchisee advertising spend collectively - for the benefit of the whole - building on an already reduced and negotiated national rate secured by Silvercrest Advertising .
Consistency and efficiency in local execution .
And above all - a strategic plan to monitor and measure your franchisee results to build the brand through the eyes of a local-based tool - for your owners .
Real-time . Your story . LMap
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