Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 6

Fromtheeditor’sdesk BY KERRY PIPES Franchise update | Q 2 CHAIRMAN Gary Gardner CEO Therese Thilgen It’s Time for Tech! W ith technology taking over more and more of our lives, we decided it was time to dedicate an issue of Franchise Update to technology in fran- chising. Our original idea was to look at how technology is changing franchising, consumer behavior, franchise recruitment, and many other areas of our lives. What we discovered was all that and a whole lot more. Many franchise brands are unafraid, even eager, to face the onslaught of technol- ogy and discover ways to use it to improve their system. While some brands show an entrepreneurial, do-it-yourself approach to creating and implementing tech tools to help the brand and its operations, others turn to vendors and third parties for help. You’ll find examples of both in these pages. Whatever the choice, brands looking for an edge are embracing technology to achieve their goals. From recruiting to franchisee support to consumer marketing, the tools are out there if you know where to find them and how to use them. For one of our feature articles, we asked nearly a dozen brands how they defined their needs, found technology partners, educated and trained their franchisees, and how it’s all working out (page 42). Tech suppliers have become noticeably more numerous each year at all three of our conferences. We’ve made it easier for you by including 10 of them in this issue’s Technology Guide, beginning on page 47. Unfortunately, the burgeoning use of technology has created serious dat