Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 50

GROWING YOUR SYSTEM Challenge the pros “HOW ARE YOU USING BIG DATA AND OTHER TECHNOLOGIES IN YOUR FRANCHISEE RECRUITMENT?” David Bloom Chief Development Officer Capriotti’s The data available through today’s manifold third-party resources and related technolo- gies is now required to inform and guide our decisions at every step of the lifecycle of our franchise owners. These decisions in- clude franchise development, real estate and site selection, competitive and consumer trends, marketing messag- ing, media channel selection, marketing ROI analysis, and everything from menu and pricing management to em- ployee productivity. As a brand, Capriotti’s has invested and continues to invest heavily to ensure that we have access to all of the best internal and exter- nal data resources, technology platforms, and tools, along with third-party consul- tants and analysts. The day when a brand could manage and ensure its competitive advantage simply by leveraging internal resources, tools, and analytics are long gone. To lead and ensure the future suc- cess of the business model and brand, we now need to align ourselves with the best thinkers, platforms, and analysts in each discipline that aligns with our business. Our commitment to providing the required financial resources, best-in-class personnel, and thought leadership within this area is foundational to the long-term success of our brand and our owners. To be able to meet and exceed the stan- dards mentioned above, Capriotti’s uses many platforms. For the real estate and development teams, we leverage Restau- rant Trends competitive intelligence data, Piinpoint mapping to visualize trends for expansion and provide actionable insights, along with Birchwood demographics and site selection predictive indexing, and Mastercard consumer purchase data. In- ternally, we employ Service Management Group’s consumer surveys of our customer base to benchmark ourselves against the 48 Franchiseupdate ISS U E II, 2 0 1 7 competition and our own brand standards. We also use the full suite of NCR res- taurant and data management tools and the full suite of FranConnect Sky fran- chise lifecycle management software. On the marketing and media analytics and consulting support side of the business, we employ a variety of PR firms to man- age our social platforms and provide digital content and brand awareness. Capriot- ti’s also has three different digital marketing and media firms and platforms targeted toward specific audiences and media channels, SEO tools, and PPC ROI ana- lytics. Last, we use creative and media buying agencies, brand-building experts, and restaurant- specific consulting groups in the areas of design, menu management, operational efficiency, and benchmarking our finan- cial performance. Dave Schaefers Chief Development Officer Driven Brands Today, growing a franchise network is a much more complex challenge than just running ads, attending franchise business shows, cold calling, and ultimately hoping for the best. With the wide range of franchis- ing opportunities available today, there no longer is a one-size-fits-all approach. Aligning potential business investors and franchise op- erators with the right brand is critical to the initial sale of the franchise—and the overall long-term success of the organization. So how can a franchisor accomplish that? It begins with research. A wealth of data is available that can be analyzed collectively to unveil market opportunities we might not have seen previously. Understanding how to evaluate all of that data requires analytical modeling and forecasting, and we’ve expanded our capabilities in that area to be able to fully leverage this information, with in-depth data analytics now a funda- mental part of our business strategy. We look at driving trends across U.S. markets, accident and vehicle maintenance data, population forecasts and market growth patterns, fuel prices, age of vehicles on the road, new vehicle sales reports, consumer confidence reports, and more. We also apply that technology-based approach to better understanding potential investors and business partners. Once we understand a market’s opportunities, we perform a thorough data analysis on how that market is currently served and what the future might hold. Is a new neighbor- hood developing? How can we develop local partnerships to become part of the fabric of that neighborhood? We are now able, through our data, to determine who might be the best partner for that market and create a unique opportunity aligned for their growth and investment goals. Or, if a region is experiencing substantial growth, we can develop distinctive terri- tories based on analysis of market dat