Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 49

Patience pays Sometimes, one technology must wait for others to develop. Salomon Mishaan founded OXXO Care Cleaners more than 15 years ago with new, innovative ideas about dry cleaning. Not only did he want to make the process greener, he also thought that the 24-hour drop-off and pickup doors he’d seen in Europe would make sense in the U.S. They were a hit—the fi rst such to be avail- able at dry cleaning franchises—but not Salomon Mishaan until Skyping and mobile apps became available could he offer his customers a communication method that matched the convenience of the 24-hour doors. To complete his customer service vision, Mishaan stuck with the same developer that had produced his point- of-sale software. The resulting app al- lows customers to use their phones to retrieve their clothing and receive notices tracking the status of their garments throughout the cleaning process. The app also allows OXXO to send custom- ers coupons and for customers to share their comments online. The app is still in its bet a phase, but Mishaan knows customers are happy to trade their OXXO card for a smartphone app. And he’s not fi nished innovating. For example, drones could make deliver- ies—OXXOdrones, he jokes. But maybe it’s not so wild an idea. “When we talked about the 24-hour door all those years ago, people said, ‘Wow,’” he recalls. Now they’re in all 50 of OXXO’s stores. ■ Franchising . com Franchising we’ve scheduled well over half a million jobs in it,” Barnett says. “And during our busy season, the Scheduling Center handles up to 2,000 calls a day. We went from adding up job values and durations by hand to a system that calculated all of that for us. The time saved alone made the transition worth it.” is the largest, most-trusted information provider in the world. Franchising . com provides the information your target customer is looking for and off ers the following benefi ts: • Appeals to multi-unit franchisees, franchisor executives & franchise opportunity seekers • 2 Million+ annual visitors • Individual brand listing pages • Advertiser features: press release distribution, direct website links, pixel tracking, mobile and social media friendly Call your account representative today! 800.289.4232 ext. 202 Franchiseupdate I SSUE I I , 2017 47