Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 46

CHOOSING TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Finally, Holt made a hard decision: he hired two developers to work in- house. That decision wasn’t without some anxiety, however. “When you go into this blind and it’s a completely for- eign subject to you, it’s overwhelming and scary,” he says. “At one point, we considered giving up.” Those painful first steps, however, did finally bring him the business advantage he sought—including additional, unan- ticipated benefits. For example, he says, “If our in-house team has a good idea, we can make abrupt changes. If we were still using an outside firm, that change would cost us.” In some ways, he says, the new software is working too well. “We have a mechanism where you can report bugs and request new features. Now one of our biggest struggles is how to manage all those requests!” The new software al