Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 28

CONSUMER MARKETING CMOQ&A The Great Outdoors Larry Spada is a five-brand strategist BY KERRY PIPES L arry Spada spends his days work- ing from the comfort of his home in the Carolinas. But like many tech-savvy executives today, he’s always just a click away from his team at the Outdoor Living Brands headquarters in Richmond, Va. Outdoor Living Brands, a com- pany dedicated to helping its cus- tomers enjoy its slogan of “living well outdoors,” is composed of five different brands: Archadeck (out- door decks, screens, and porches), Mosquito Squad, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Renew Crew (cleaning, sealing, and protection of outdoor surfaces), and Conserva Irrigation (lawn sprinklers). Spada’s job is to manage the company’s “brand per- sonality” by generating a marketing strategy and creative direction for each brand. Spada cut his marketing teeth with well-known brands such as Bank of America, FedEx, Jack Dan- iel’s, Mayo Clinic, and Saks Fifth Avenue. He also has experience with advertising and marketing agencies, including Adworks, In- teractive Direct Marketing, and Spada Advertising—all companies he founded. The customer comes first at Out- door Living Brands, and reaching the right ones with the right message is imperative. “Identify the greatest consumer benefit and leverage it,” says Spada. Also, he says, focus on consistency in all ways, at all times, in every conceivable channel. He says the company’s “crackerjack marketing team” executes these goals effectively. Franchisees, of course, are equally im- portant to the company’s success. Spada says Outdoor Living Brands is dedicated to being thorough and committed to its franchisee partners by providing open communication, quick response, and on- going support. 26 Franchiseupdate ISS U E II, 2 0 1 7 Spada believes that as challenging as it may be to stay atop all the technologi- cal developments influencing marketing today, it’s more important to properly implement those tools in ways that get results. work my 12-hour days from the comfort of my home office in the Carolinas, dia- loguing with my team back in Richmond on FaceTime, by email, and through many other forms of technology. I visit our head- quarters to meet with my team in person in Richmond every six to eight weeks. What’s the most challenging part of being a brand strategist or CMO to- day? Staying current with the onslaught of new technology that is rapidly evolving and changing every day. What are the 3 most important keys to being an effective marketing leader today? 1) Being a good listener. 2) Having an empathetic heart. 3) Being decisive. How do you prepare a mar- keting plan and execute the strategies? It starts with the in- dividual brand leader and the brand marketing manager, who determine objectives for lead generation and client nurturing for each brand, usually in the second and third quarters of the preceding year. We have t ɕЁչ٥)Ʌɩɭѥѕݡɔ)٥Յ䁕ٕѡٕ́)ɥѕ͔ͥ)ȁIՅѕ̸!)ᕍѥչ́ݽɬ)!܁ԁɔɭд)ɕձ́ѥٕ) չфɽ́)ٕȁѡɥɥ)ѥ̰Ʌݕ)ͥє̸)͍ɥȁɽ́ɅɅє)иѕȁɕѥѡյɕɅ)ȁ=ёȁ1٥ Ʌ́ఁ'eٔ)ɕɕͥȁѥѥ)Ʌ̀ɍ=ёȁ1٥)=ёȁ1ѥAѥٕ̤ɔ)ѥ܁̀5եѼMՅI) ɕܰ ͕ل%ɥѥ$ٕ͕)ѡɅɅѕ䁅ɕѥٔɕѥ)ɽ́́ȁٔɅ̸͍́ȁɔյȁɭд)Ʌѕ́ѥ̸ٕQ)ѥٔ́Ѽɕȁхɝѕ)յϊQȁѡЁЁqѡ)]ѥϊwQݡɔՕЁݹ̰)ݥѠхɅ)卡Ʌɽ̸QɅѕ)Ցᕍѥمɥ䁽)̰Ёхѱ䁥Ցх)ɕɥаɽи)]ӊéչՔЁѡɅɅд)ЁͥѥЁ=ёȁ1٥) ɅQ́ѼMѕٔ)̰$ЁѼ!܁ԁЁɕѥ+qѽȵɥtɭѥ)Ʌͽаѕɵ