Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 19

• Postcards work best when they lead your audience to a next step, such as visiting a website, calling for more information, or walking into a location to take advantage of an offer. Perhaps most importantly, consider the details of your targeted audience and when they should receive each postcard. • Break your mailing list into sub-groups (current customers, prospective customers, past customers, referral resources, etc.) and craft a targeted message with an offer to strategically appeal to each group. • When planning delivery dates, consider the ebb and flow of your own mail and the time you make to look through it. Conventional marketing wisdom seems to dictate that Monday, Friday, and holiday deliveries can be less effective, whereas mail delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday can garner a bit more attention because the volume is often lighter. FINDING THE RIGHT POSTCARD PARTNER The industry is crawling with competition, so if you’re serious about strengthening your franchise’s brand in new and existing markets, a strong postcard campaign is just one way to build recognition and elicit trust. You’ll want to partner with a provider who offers a portfolio of on- demand, customizable postcards that can be designed to meet your franchise’s unique brand guidelines. Partnering with a company like Xpressdocs ensures your postcard campaign is set up for success, especially considering the intricacies and variability needed with distributed workforces. Additionally, the Xpressdocs Marketing Platform delivers access to the tools that allow franchisors to maintain control over messaging, quality of materials, and budget, while empowering franchisees to meet the unique needs of their market. To give your brand a boost, explore a partnership with Xpressdocs and launch a powerful postcard campaign today. Xpressdocs empowers franchisors and franchisees to send consistent messaging into the market by streamlining customizable marketing materials under one robust marketing platform. Along with being the go-to resource for postcards, Xpressdocs offers a menu packed with brand-approved solutions. • PRINT AND DIRECT MAIL • DIGITAL AND AUTOMATED PROGRAMS • PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS • FULFILLMENT SOLUTIONS DIRECT MARKETING DELIVERED YOUR WAY LEARN MORE! 888-793-9791