Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 15

ceoprofile instead of being reactive to franchise leads, we proactively go into markets with open territories and have events where we pres- ent the franchise opportunity to prospec- tive franchisees. We use a multi-channel marketing approach to drive interest in the events. We include the existing local fran- chisees in these events for validation and give them an opportunity to get to know their potential colleagues. This process is helping build a culture of franchisees who embrace the growth of the system. While I’m admittedly a student of franchising, I’ve been in the property restoration industry for more than two decades. I make it a priority to make myself accessible to franchisees. They all have my cell number and can reach out to me with questions about everything from locking in an account to billing for a large commercial loss and collecting on a delinquent account. Describe your leadership style. I be- lieve strongly in servant leadership. When working with my team, I ask them: “What do you need that I’ll be able to help you with so that your team can succeed?” I in- still confidence in the people I’m leading. I hire the best leaders and managers I can find, and then I serve them. What has inspired your leadership style? Many people and experiences have con- tributed to the way I approach leadership. One person who had a great influence was Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, who later authored several business books. He believed in recruiting the best talent and empowering them to lead their teams, set their own goals, while at the same time holding them accountable. I was inspired by his ability to achieve results across such a huge, multinational company with multiple divisions, and the culture that was driven from the top down to the entire organization. What is your biggest leadership chal- lenge? Adjusting to the process and time it takes to enact change within a franchise organization. I’ve served as CEO for various privately owned companies over the past 20 years. In those roles, I’ve made decisions to make changes and had the ability to make change immediately. As a franchisor, you can’t just make a decision and mandate it across the board. It requires consensus and education to earn the critical buy-in of the franchisees. I’m learning to appreciate this process. We listen closely to our franchise owners. What’s important to them has a significant impact on how we make key strategic decisions. How do you transmit your culture from your office to front-line employees? Ou &W6FVB7FWfRvFR2FRw&VB b'VFr7G&r7VGW&R&Vf&Rg&氥F'&RB&VvBFR67FWfR@&VG6WB6ƖBfVFFf7W6VB6W'frW"g&66RvW'2RvVBW@BWB7BbFRvW'2f6RFf6RFV&FV"6VvW2Fr6R'V@G'W7BFR6VFW'6f7W2&Vf&6rFRw&VBv&7FWfR2FPB&6rFR&"f"&VVFW727W7FW 6W'f6Rg&W"7W'BFVFW g&66RvW'2bg&66VRVVG27WЧ'BvR6B&RvƖrFvWB6VPFFV"6FGFW"bW'2vPW7BF6W'fRW"g&66RvW'2vW&R2FR&W7B6RF&W&Rf VFW'6$66"DЧv2vFVBFvWBג$BFVvBvVBv&6F66RbגVF'2VFFFVvBR6WFrvVv2גV&ǒ#2FBǒגvƖfRB6&VW"FF2FBFV6FЦRvvƗ7FVRFBRF&VRf7F'06VBfVV6RFV6627W'&VFrW &fW76gWGW&SV&rV&r@vfrV&ǒW"6&VW"7BbW FV6626VB&R&6VBV&rFP&&G2FfW"F&vFF2vRV&rvv2&R66W&P6VB6W'6Vb( vW&RvrFV&FR7CvW&R6vFRF0f"גF&FBv&R&VVf6FW"ג6&VW#( RvƖVǒfRF67&f6PFRV&rV&ǒff"bFRV&rखbRfW7FVBFRƖ( 26&RbFRf'7@'BbW"6&VW"V&r^( fP6vf6BVBbV&rFVF৖W"F&'FRFRR&V6W"C2ॖW"6&VW"FV662FRWBGvFV6FW06FV&R6gFVBFf7W2V&rFVV&rBvfrFV6R^( &RV &WF&VVBW"6&VW"&&FW26VB6g@Fv&BvfrV&rBV&rF@&FW"vFWBF2Gf6RvVF( BfPBFR6fFV6RF&RFRF( Цrג6V6B"gFW"6VvRFCC6'V'&67FVBbC6'Wr&6Gv&VƖWfVBvVBV&&Rv&r6W"&fFVǒVB6f"6VbЦFRVG&W&VWW"Ff"f'GVRS6FRWfVbV&rv2&W@V7W&RB7&VBRFfRFR6fЦFV6RFW&66Rגv6&6VF6F7G&RB#rF26琦&V6RFRFf&f"&Vf"U4vW&P24TG&fR&WfVVW2g&C3R֖ƖFCC֖ƖW7BVvBV'2pBFR&WBVFW"'FW&6vVF( B&RvW&RrBFVFPvW"r"Wr&&RFVvFV662&W7BFV'PW'6rFRRFVvFV6Ч63fRSS'FW"6F( BPFV66vFWBffrBf6PfW'6&VƖWfR6V7Fr2V6f"ЦFg&FR7FVFW'2276&RॖRfRFƗ7FVBVWW"fvW"FRV6RbvN( 2'FBFFRFVVR&W7V7B7G&rVFW'6FW6P&W7V7BvVFWFFV"VFW"6( BGVRvFFV"2FRvBF&RƖVB"&W7V7FVC&W7V7FVB( B&WBvrV"ЦG6FW7B( f7W6VBFrFR&v@Fr'WBBFVV6f7FW"F7@VR&R67W7FVBFGf6RF4Tv&W3FRWFvW"2BW6rBFFW2F( BGFW"ख&v旦FVRrv0FRW'6vW"R6VBf7W2'VFrFVbVRvr^( FR'VWBf"FVǒFVvFW&V6&6FRBFBBBFW6( BBЧFW"vBW"FFR2&V6W6R^( fPW'6vW"vVV@FW67&&RW"vVVB7GSPfRFG'W7BW"FVBW"VRॖRfRFvfRFVrV6BFPG'VR&ƗGF'VvFBvVRF6RWBFV7&VBFV"vw2B2Ц6Ɨ6BvW"WfVF&RFWvVBfR&R&W7G&7FVBVf&ЦVB6WBvWV7FF2ƖRFW6PF2wb^( fRWfW"&VVFFpG&6^( F6RFBFvWBFRw&WVG0F'Vf7BFW&^( 2v2&&&B'VpVBbFVBf7FW"6Rגv&WF2VBvFWB6rRאFVFFFrFB( B&VG6WGFrFR6Rf"BvW"WfVFVN( 2GFW"bVf6rFB( 6W'fpFVFWrFBFW66R@( &R&RFVFVRfRFW@FV'V( FB&Rf&RFVFVЧvVVVFVBvBFW2W"vVVBFVЦƖSN( 266VBbWW&V6VBFVFVBvW'2v&W7BvVF6W"Рg&66WWFFR55TR#r