Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 13

5 ® Key Research Methods to Help You Sell More Franchises STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD 71% of franchise systems have 100 units or less and 45% of franchise systems have 25 outlets or less. Your competitors are fighting to position themselves as a better franchise investment than yours. Use our data to enhance your development strategy and position your brand to attract better candidates. COMPETITIVE BENCHMARKS Stay ahead of your competition by recognizing franchise trends and make sure your offering is structured to grow as efficiently as possible. Each competitive benchmark is performed against similar systems; in business type, size of franchise and investment range. Comparing two like brands to each other helps position one as a healthier investment opportunity. THE AUTHORITY ON FRANCHISING MARKETING & ADVERTISING Use statistics to showcase your investment and identify what your franchise represents. Candidates value and trust objective analysis of franchise investment opportunities and because we grade over 2,500+ franchises annually, Franchise Grade provides key insights for thousands of potential investors. FDD AUDITS Lawyers protect, but they do not know how to market your offering. Understanding the pitfalls of FDD presentation can be the difference between a new franchisee sale and a lost opportunity. A detailed FDD Audit created by Franchise Grade provides you recommendations to create a marketing ready FDD that better positions yourself to sell to the right candidates. CANDIDATE BUYING SIGNALS Analyze over 18,000 prospective franchisee profiles. Learn which franchise candidates best fit your franchise. Understand the buying signals of the right candidates you are trying to attract to save money and time. Maximize your advertising budget, reduce due diligence drop-off and better support your sales team. Franchise Grade ® saves you time and reduces your cost per sale. Our Franchise Intelligence puts your brand in a better position to compete, promote and grow your franchise. Contact us today for a free demo. 1.800.975.6101 | |