Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 12

BIG DATA HELPS Sell More Franchises 213 $ billion has been invested into the US franchise industry since 2010. How has your brand grown during this timeframe? With over 35,000 franchise sales occurring each year, are you getting your share? Franchising continues to be an attractive investment opportunity for thousands of people. Selling new franchises is harder than ever as the franchise world is flooded with franchise ads, blogs, free content and a variety of data and information. In addition, prospective franchisees are more knowledgeable and perceptive than ever before. Attracting qualified candidates to your franchise opportunity while they avoid the noise, has become more challenging and important than ever before. DISCOVER FRANCHISE INTELLIGENCE is an analysis of a franchise system to identify the best strategy for you to grow your franchise. Franchise Intelligence is the result of studying over 10,000 FDDs and 18,000 candidates. We analyze the data and provide you with strategic information. Our research allows you to study franchise performance, governance, sales strategies and competitive investment risk to make key decisions that will effectively sell more franchises. Our research connects the dots of 20 million data points, helping you to discover, analyze and respond better and faster to sales prospects better than your competition. Enter the world of franchise intelligence, where our industry knowledge gives you the competitive sales advantage to surpass your targets. ANALYZE RESPOND The Right Data for The Right Decisions