Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 11

ceoprofile ily in our digital presence to increase our potential consumer reach. We know where the attention is, and expect foot traffic into our gyms to grow significantly because of how we’re attracting it. Are your franchisees bullish or bearish about growth and adding additional units? It depends if they have the money. If they can find financing, they will always add more units. Personal What time do you like to be at your desk? My clock has no end. I have a fluid schedule. I’m ready to sit at my desk after I’ve slept 7 or 8 hours and had some kind of physical activity. I like to say that if you don’t sweat every day like you’re getting chased by the police, then there is something wrong with you. On the flip side, I’ll work at my desk until 2 a.m. because I can turn back on with a quiet house and a calm mind. I’m out of my mind, but it’s unbelievable what it does for you. You have to be able to put yourself in very uncomfortable places and be able to get your mind thinking right. This will help you make much better deci- sions when you’re under stress. Favorite vacation destinations: They’re all beaches: Anna Maria Island and Palm Beach in Florida, and Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Favorite company product/service: I love everything we offer, otherwise it wouldn’t be in our gyms. I live our products and services every day. Before or after every workout, I have one of the drinks we sell at our Retro Blends Smoothie Bar. My in-home gym Last two books read: Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss and God Calling by A. J. Russell, which I read daily. What technology do you take on the road? MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and sometimes my Snapchat Spectacles. How do you relax/balance life and work? One or two times a day, I lie on a bed of nails and meditate. My wife thinks How has the economy changed your goals for your company? Never has and never will. Where can capital be found these days? Open your eyes, capital can be found any- where. There’s more money around today than ever. I’m not just referring to institutional loans. There are so many other ways to find capital these days. There’s private equity all over the place dying to place money. There are people trying to diversify their portfolios because they don’t want to be pigeonholed in this market. And there are individuals looking to invest capital. You need to be creative with who you talk to, who you sur- round yourself with, and the types of questions you ask. Do this and you will find capital everywhere. How do you measure success? Personally, do I wake up and smile? Money is the measured component of success, like a scoreboard, but what’s more important to me is happiness. Am I happy? Am I making other peo- ple happy? Is Retro Fitness healthy? Are we in a good place? That for me is success. It’s the constant continued achievements. Exercise in the morning? Wine with lunch? Exercise in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon for an energy burst. No wine at lunch, but v2&FV6R"WG&FЧ6VBG&ƖRFRW2vRffW"W"&WG&&VG26FR&"FR66ƗRvFW"FVЦgFW"v&WG6FRFRff6SW2N( 2v266vVWfW"v^( &RFЦvWFW"&V6W6RW"W'2&R6&VFV@F&VvWB#BֆW"W&BFW&^( 0&Vǒ( WG6FRFRff6R( f"WЦR( rWB6GW&FvFW"4GB66VGBv^( WB6WRbW'2FvWFW"W"4D6GFW2BFVVBfƖvBFRFW FBw&&&VBFW"vFW"4d&"Ц&R7&V6BW"GF&WW7FVv^( &R&WGGFvBֶBw&Ws6F2'##vB2&VVW"w&VFW7B7V2Ц6W73''rFRW&fV7BvBfrfW"&F7VW6ǒp6G&VআW6W2FR6RWVVB2W"w2 W2v^( &RFW7Fr&VwV&ǒFW"&WG&"v&WG2&GFƖPvB&RW"rFW&v2f"FP67W7Fw&wF'6FVpFWBFRvv^( &Rw&vrrv62VFvRfRw&VBg&66R77FVЧFN( 266VBbVVg&66VW0g&vƷ2bƖfR( BƖRFVWw&rЦrF2vBVW&RVRFPVFVB7FFW2BFRv&BVFW"&RЦ6W6Rv^( &RFrƖfR6vrFw2`vRVWWW"W6Vff'G2v6WV7BW2FvFWBFV'BvRvfP&Vw&WG3( ֖FgVbFw0( fRFRw&r"Frw&pBFW7BfW'V6ǒ( WFW&F֗7B6F( BWfW"BFw0FBvw&r2Fw2FW'&&ǒ&RЦw&WBV&g&FVFR&Vw&WB2f VRvF( BFR7Ff"WR6VB6FBv6vVN( fR7F'FV@'Wr6r6VFW'2F6Rגw0V'2v&V6W6RBv2'&ƖBFVऒfW&VBBV&ǒ&V6W6Rv26fЦ7W6VBw&vrFRg&66R'WB2F0&Vw&WCB&Vǒ&V6W6RV&VBg&ЦBBFrBFFvB6vRWV7Bg&W"6ЧFRWB"FF3BbGFVFv^( &Rv&r6RЦfFfRFFfW2FRFvFFV676Rv^( &R'FW&rWvFFR&vBVP&WFrBVFFv&W"B`GFVFࠔg&66WWFFR55TR#r