Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 10

ceoprofile vesting heavily in its digital presence and other technology to reach customers. “If we keep up our expansion efforts, which I expect us to, without a doubt we will have 700 locations by 2020,” he says. Asked about his bed of nails habit he says, “My wife thinks I’m crazy, but you have to be able to put yourself in very uncomfortable places and be able to get your mind thinking right. It can really help with decision-making when you’re under stress.” Leadership What is your role as CEO? What isn’t my role? As a CEO, you have to understand just about everything. You don’t have to do everything, but you need to know how to do everything so you can give good direction and delegate efficiently. Describe your leadership style. I lead by example. I like to be in the thick of it, and be the first to do something so I can see how it gets done and set an example for others. What has inspired your leadership style? I think leadership falls under how you were raised. Leaders aren’t born, it’s all in their upbringing. The first leaders in your life are your parents. Both of mine inspired my leadership, especially my mom, who was the head of the household. What is your biggest leadership chal- lenge? Not being able to do it all myself. How do you transmit your culture from your office to front-line employees? We’re very family-oriented and do our franchisee convention at Disney World each year—not just for franchisees, but also to benefit our corporate team. Everyone is encouraged to bring their family and we offer activities that include their entire family. This opens the opportunity for me to speak with them one-on-one outside of the gyms or corpo- rate office. For the franchise as a whole, it’s challenging. I’m extremely active on social media—Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter—constantly creating videos, sharing business advice and giving people a glimpse into my day. I think this benefits franchisees and our employees because they see what goes on inside Retro Fitness leadership. They see who I am, what I do, and how important the success of the brand is to me. They see that I’m working just as hard as they are. 8 Franchiseupdate ISS U E II, 2 0 1 7 Where is the best place to prepare for leadership: an MBA school or OTJ? Al- ways on-the-job. I had a funny conversation with my daughter about this the other day. Her friend is taking an entrepreneurship class, and when I asked her why she didn’t take it she said, “Dad, I live with you. First of all, you should be teaching the class. Second of all, how could someone be teaching the class if they’re not an entrepreneur?” I’m glad my outlook is resonating with my kids. Are tough decisions best taken by one person? How do you make tough de- cisions? When stuff goes wrong, people typically stare at one person to point the blame. But when stuff goes right, they look at everyone. As CEO, you have to be able to deal with this and know that at the end of the day you’re the one who has to make the tough decisions. I know the tough deci- sions are on my shoulders, so I always confer with people I think are going to add value for me—whether it’s my attorneys, CFO, or VP of operations. I know where to gather the information I need to help me make a decision. Being resourceful helps me do my due diligence at light speed, so I’m able to quickly make a tough call. You have to be the one making the tough calls. Do you want to be liked or \XY’H۸&]\HX]Z]\H[[YXHS[X\Έ۸&]]Z][\^H؋X[Y[Y[\ܚXH[\X[Y[Y[[NB[Y]H]H]H[Y]K[H]H]H˂]\[\X[Y[Y[X[BZOH]HXYوXXXZ[\\ BY[X\][[\H][Y[ X[\]K[[\YH[][ۜˈHXZܚ]Bو[H]HY[]YH܈]X\\YX\YHH\X\H^\ˈHYY]]\XX[ۙ^H[[[][ B\H[Y\Y]HYZ\\][K\[YH]ۛ]8&\[ۈ[XXوZ\[]YX[\X\X[YBXZHX\[ۜˈ\[[YHٙ\^B\X\[K]\HY^KH[[BH\و]H܈^]Y\[ۜ\܈B[ۙ^HYY][[ۙHوH]Y\[ۜš\[^\Έ[HHو\XH[O•]\]8&\[YX][H۝X܂[[H[\YKH[^\ٙ\^\[\H܈[K]ܚ]HX[Y[Y[\\Έ[BXYX[Y[Y[H]و^B]ܚ]\\H[H[[ZXY[\B\]X[H[HX[Y[Y[][]X[H\[[ۙ^H]ܚ]\ˈx&[HۋB[H[܈^\]\^\[’x&[H[^\XY[H]X[Y[Y[][X[\܈Y[[\[[\XXYZ˂]XZ\[H^K8'Y\]8&\HH]Hx'OH[\\œ]Y\[ۈ\[[Hݙ\[YHX]\B\[\YK\Y\܈\[\[\[B[^\]HZH\[^H]  B\\K[H[&]H[][x&\B[ˈHݙH]H[[HX\[YX^[Z^H^H[X[ \][ۜ•][\H[HYZ[]ۋB[Y\[[X][[\ܙ\”[H\H[ܙHۛYXXHX]B[\ܝ[HوZ[X[H[H[Y]]YH[ۙ][[Y[[šX[K]\^H\H[[XK[[[[[ܙH[ۙ^Hۈ[\[\Z\X[ [Z\]\[X[BY\[^\ˈH[^x&\H[\[[Z\[Y[[X][\[\\[\H\X]Y[]YB[ۙ]] H\HYZ[[[ܙX\H[\\ۘ[ X[K[X[ܛ\Z[[˜X]\H[x&\[[X]\H\[\[ܙHۈ^Z[X[K\HXۛZXXݙ\HXXY[و[\\Y\H\Y]‘]\Y[HZYHوHXۛZX™ۙ[\H[YH][ۈHH\BY[[\\Y\Y&]]HBXXY ^H]H[^\[Y]YH\\XY[X\\ HXݙ\HX[BY&][H\ۜ[Y\\K^H]\Y[[ۈZ\X[ ^x&\H\[[]Y\[H[[ܙX\[š]X^x&\H[[]\[\˂\HXۛ^H][ۜ[Y\Z][܈[[\\[OHXۛ^B\۸&]]H^Hۜ[Y\H˂]\H[H^X[H[\X\][H^ L[۝[ܙBX\][]][ۋx&\H[\[X]