Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2013 - Page 50

TRACK 3: Marketing Execution Strategy: WedNESday, 7:30AM BREAKFAST CALL IN SPONSOR NETWORKING GALLERY – Exhibits Open 9:00AM - 10:00AM Conference Chair, Wendy Odell Magus KEYNOTE Keynote Speaker, Kelly McDonald Renowned multicultural marketing and business trends expert, Kelley authored How to Market to People Not Like You: Know it or Blow It Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers, named a top business book of 2011 by Inc. magazine and Forbes. McDonald’s second book, Crafting the Customer Service Experience for People Not Like You shows how brands struggling to differentiate themselves can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference. Her company has been named among the top ad agencies in the US by Advertising Age. 10:10AM - 11:00AM CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS TRACK 1: Customer Relationship Management: Customer Diversity: Growing Brand Fans Through Dynamic Messaging – Are you creating a brand connection with target customer groups that pledge allegiance to your product or service? Speaking the language of your audiences triggers growth and sustainability. What strategies, tools and intelligence are available to optimize relationships with prime and secondary customer pools? Find out from our panel of pros. TRACK 2: Franchisee Buy-In, Delivery & Results: Communicate, Execute & Measure Effective Marketing Strategies – More than ever, it takes the inclusion of your marketing, operations, technology, ad agency, PR and other resource partners to build a winning marketing program. Engineering a fully integrated program is no easy task. Discover how your peers are making it happen. Leveraging “Old School” Media Power: Print, Broadcast and Outdoor– Today’s traditional marketing programs continue as dominate players for brand growth … TV, radio, outdoor media, public relations direct mail, newspapers, magazines consumer shows and more. The selection, direction, and execution strategies can make or break campaigns. What are best practices to ensure successful media matches and mixes? TRACK 4: Brand Development & Rejuvenation: Leveraging Your Brand Assets from Ordinary to Extraordinary - High profile partner marketing programs can become an integral part of your marketing strategy and provide remarkable value to your overall brand and organization. Whether its additional marketing support, differen tiating yourself in critical growth periods, counter competitive initiatives, elevating brand awareness or generating traffic – partnering strategies are powerful. Learning to recognize these areas of opportunities and the needs of other brands, you can leverage your brand assets in ways you never imagined. 11:10AM - 12:00PM CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS TRACK 1: Customer Relationship Management: “Health & Fitness” Tips for Your Brand Reputation – Every brand requires a strategic and tactical approach to protect their brand integrity in our unfiltered digital and broadcast world. Learn methods and guidelines franchisors use for monitoring their brand representation, especially within online communities. TRACK 2: Franchisee Buy-In, Delivery & Results: Marketing Automation: Making It Work for Franchise Networks – Marketing technologies have empowered franchisees to build, monetize and evaluate local ad campaigns from their own personal dashboards. Whether executed at the corporate or franchisee level, our session panelists will share their local successes and challenges to capitalize on this digital marketing platform TRACK 3: Marketing Execution Strategy: Making Mobile Mainstream: Capturing Customers On the Go – Evaluating the exploding opportunities of mobile technologies and their applications to driving customer acquisition, frequency, sales and retention.