Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2013 - Page 36

Grow Market Lead By Kerry Pipes Data-Driven Marketer David Buckley blends the old with the new D avid Buckley is a busy marketing executive. He’s responsible for development, planning, and execution of the consumer marketing strategies for not just one, but four retail chains under the Sears label. He also oversees marketing efforts for the brand’s more than 1,200 locations. Before taking the CMO post with Sears, Buckley spent time as global director of advertising for the Associated Press, where he led the advertising strategy for digital assets, focusing on mobile and tablet technologies. Note: For Buckley’s views on how the CMO role can enhance franchise recruitment, see our online newsletter, Franchise Update Sales Report (May 2013). Describe your role as CMO. As CMO for Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores, Inc., I am responsible for the consumer marketing strategies for four unique formats: Sears Hometown Stores, Sears Home Appliance Showrooms, Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores, and Sears Outlet Stores. With more than 1,200 locations across 50 states and Puerto Rico, my team and I are tasked to execute a national marketing strategy that also leverages the hyper-local aspect of retailing. We plan and execute marketing campaigns across a wide variety of marketing assets, including newspaper (preprint, ROP, TMC), radio, cable TV, billboard, and direct mail. In addition, what we market in traditional media needs to be integrated into digital media, social media, and our loyalty marketing program. What’s the most challenging part of being a CMO today? There are more new and exciting marketing opportunities than any organization has the capacity properly to execute. The job is less about finding a good idea, 34 Franchiseupdate Iss u e II, 2 0 1 3 but rather finding ideas that are both scalable and likely to produce a higher marginal ROI than current programs. A large part of this is understanding and prioritizing our marketing approaches within our strategy. What are the 3 most important keys to being an effective CMO leader today? By far, the ability to understand data. There is an amazing amount of customer data available that can be used to drive large strategic decisions, as well as more targeted offers at the consumer level. An effective CMO today must possess the ability not only to read the data, but also to draw inferences and build actionable plans around it. Second is understanding both traditional and emerging marketing opportunities and how they influence each other. Too often, traditional media are pronounced dead prematurely, while the newest trend is often pursued with a disproportionate level of spend and resources relative to the size of the audience and how that audience engages with that media. I firmly believe that people consume multiple sources of different media in a variety of forms, and those media influence each other. Third is the ability to build relationships and credibility with crossfunctional members of your company’s senior leadership team. A strong CMO has a role at the table when the strategy is refined, representing the customer in these conversations. In addition, the CMO needs to provide more input than just managing the marketing expense line in the P&L. The 4