Franchise Update Magazine Issue II, 2013 - Page 16

Grow Market Lead What makes you say, “Yes, now that’s why I do what I do!”? Life is defined by our time spent climbing up the sides of the mountain, not by the moment standing at the summit. However, without those “peak” moments, we are simply left with the slog. I celebrate the achievement of goals both small and large. PERSONAL What time do you like to be at your desk? I am an early riser. Usually I am up by 5:30 and at my desk by 8:30. Exercise in the morning? Wine with lunch? In the morning I usu- ally work out or run four times a week. Because I am training for the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll marathon in June, I am running more often. No wine with lunch. Do you socialize with your team after work/outside the office? I enjoy socializing with our team outside of the office. At the office there is the formal structure of communication through phones, email, and meetings. More often, it is in the informal times where you build relationships and cement friendships. A meal with a good bottle of wine is one of my favorite ways to socialize. Last two books read: I am halfway through Jon Meacham’s latest book, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. family and friends who fill my life with love and support. adapted by focusing on non-traditional development and acquisitions. Favorite vacation destinations: My Where can capital be found these days? While traditional franchise fi- lifetime favorite vacation was traveling around the Andean countries of South America. While working on my undergraduate degree at the University of Washington, I took a year break, bought a backpack, and traveled solo through Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. It was an extraordinary experience that influences me to this day. How do you measure success? A menFavorite occasions to send employees notes: Any time I see a job well done, I like to send an email note congratulating the employee or thanking them for their efforts. Favorite company product/service: As you can imagine, Tasti D-Lite and Planet Smoothie are absolutely my favorite treats. Both companies have a history of offering amazingly delicious products that also are healthy for you. Outside of my own company, a favorite organization is Whole Foods Market. The quality of the food we eat and how it is processed (or not) is an essential element of maintaining good health. The selection and quality of the offerings at Whole Foods is remarkable. Their commitment to social responsibility is admirable. BOTTOM LINE What are your long-term goals for the company? To dominate the “good and and my iPhone. With them I can take my entire office wherever I go. good for you treat” retail category. We have two amazing brands that work well together in a market that is increasingly driven by making better food choices in an increasingly convenient setting. We offer exactly what the consumer is seeking today. How do you relax/balance life and work? I find physical exercise a great How has the economy changed your goals for your company? The Great What technology do you take on the road? I never travel without my laptop way to relieve the stress of the office. I definitely get the endorphin rush after a run. Starting most mornings that way makes me feel like I have already accomplished something of value even before I have started at work. Additionally, I am fortunate to have a rich network of 14 Franchiseupdate Iss u e II, 2 0 1 3 nancing has been difficult to obtain, private equity is playing an increasingly important role in the franchise community. They bring fresh capital to the business and allow founders to monetize all or part of their ownership in the business they created. Recession has significantly affected our business plan. Franchise financing has always played an accelerator role in franchise system growth. To date, franchise financing has not recovered, and this has slowed the expansion of many franchisors, including ourselves. We have tor and great friend once defined success as “the pursuit of a worthwhile dream.” I love this definition as it captures the aspirational nature of success tied deeply to the journey. I however, use a different definition. Most of life’s valuable lessons come from overcoming the challenge. I measure success in the fact that I am here and have survived all the mistakes that I have made to this moment! What has been your greatest success? On a personal level, my great- est achievement is my marriage. My wife Terry and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary. We have experienced both great joys and hardships forging a special life together. We look forward to the next 30 years! Professionally, I would say my greatest success has been to build a career in the franchise community. Franchising is such a powerful business format that unleashes the very best in human performance. Who would not want to be a part of that! Any regrets? I don’t spend a great deal of time on regrets. My father once told me, “Learn from your mistakes, enjoy your successes, and don’t try to secondguess your decisions once made. If you had done things differently, you would have just made different mistakes.” I have tried to follow that advice. What can we expect from your company in the next 12 to 18 months? The continued integration of Planet Smoothie and Tasti D-Lite; accelerated growth through unit expansion; non-traditional development; and addit [ۘ[X