Franchise Update Magazine Issue I, 2017 - Page 33

lieve in the importance of sending notes to franchisees . It ’ s not old-fashioned — it ’ s classy business !

Favorite company product / service : Our Power Hour is a phenomenal workout and I love it . In addition to the Power Hour , I enjoy our Technique Training because it helps me with not only my technique but my strength and endurance .
Bottom Line
What are your long-term goals for the company ? I am most looking forward to continuing to help grow the brand , increase profits for franchisees , and help them find innovative ways to help their economics .
Where can capital be found these days ? There are so many banks and firms today where capital can be found as long as you have solid balance sheets and are on a growth platform .
How do you measure success ? By my team ’ s success . As a leader , you are only as successful as the people you are leading and managing . And , because of that , each and every day is another opportunity to help make my team successful , in turn , making Title Boxing successful .
What has been your greatest success ? My greatest success has been centered around the people side of my career . After 32 years in franchising , I pride myself on still being connected with old colleagues , and I have forged strong relationships . It is so gratifying to me to run into someone I used to work with who has grown in their career and they say to me , “ Hey , I will never forget what you said to me .” That is so rewarding .
Any regrets ? I ’ ve had lots of lessons in life , but no regrets . I am so fortunate to have a wonderful family , great friends , and a career that has been so rewarding as I work with phenomenal people every day . I wouldn ’ t trade any of it .
What can we expect from your company in the next 12 to 18 months ? Our company will continue to grow , not just domestically but internationally , with great franchisees and team members . We will continue to change the lives of thousands with our product . Our mission is “ to be the best hour of someone ’ s day ” and our focus of ensuring the experience is at a premium level is what we will deliver . n

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