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to stay the course on what we believe is best for the brand .

How do you transmit your culture from your office to front-line employees ? I believe that company culture is organic and that it has to come from the people and the team . When it comes to culture , communication is key — from communication days to informal staff meetings , it is imperative to hear what everyone else is doing and be able to feed off each other .
Where is the best place to prepare for leadership : an MBA school or OTJ ? My experience with leadership has been on the job and having great mentors and coaches in my career . I have also found value in conferences and networking with other leaders in the industry .
Are tough decisions best taken by one person ? How do you make tough decisions ? Tough decisions can be made alone , but my theory is that it is best to get input from other experts and use that information to help make the decision . It ’ s always good to get others ’ perspectives but I always remember at the end of the day , it is most important to stick to your values and make decisions based on what ’ s best for the brand and the franchisee .
Do you want to be liked or respected ? Both . As a leader in the world of franchising , I make decisions that affect hundreds of small-business owners every single day . In light of this massive responsibility , I ’ ve come to realize honesty and fairness are two of the most important qualities a business leader can possess . While fairness runs the risk of upsetting someone , staying true to your values and knowing at the end of the day you believe in your decisions is just as important .
Advice to CEO wannabes : Don ’ t let others define what your boundaries are . Everyone can have their own opinions . Dream big !
Describe your management style : Same as leadership style outlined above .
What does your management team look like ? My management teams consists of great leadership and skill . CEO John Rotche is our visionary and leader who constantly challenges our team to think outside the box to make the brand the best it can be . In our presidentprofile
Kansas City office I am surrounded by other driven leaders including marketing , training , operations , finance , IT , and franchise development professionals . We all work together toward the common goal of propelling our brand to the top of the industry .
How does your management team help you lead ? I pride myself on listening to and learning from those around me . I am the first to admit that I don ’ t have all the answers , so I take advice and thoughts from my management team in order to execute and lead to the best of my ability .
Favorite management gurus : Do you read management books ? There are many management books I have read including Good to Great , Leading Change , and I reread The New One Minute Manager each year !
What makes you say , “ Yes , now that ’ s why I do what I do !”? Since joining Title Boxing Club , I have been absolutely blown away with the life-changing attributes that this business has on not only its members but its franchisees . I wake up every day thinking , “ Wow , I am part of a brand that is truly making a difference ,” and that is what motivates me .
What trends are you seeing with consumer spending habits in your stores ? A recent Nielsen survey of consumers has shown that more Millennials are doing gymtype activities than any other generation , making them one of our most important target markets . Millennials want to be around like-minded people , and when it comes to exercise they want to get in , get results , and get out . This mindset fits perfectly with our business model as we have designed our workouts to be results-focused and timeefficient . Because of this , spending habits or memberships have been on the increase as people are looking for shorter workouts and more bang for their buck .
What are you expecting from your market in the next 12 months ? 2016 was a tremendous year for the fitness industry , particularly the boxing fitness industry . In fact , according to a recent Popsugar . com article , boxing overtook cycling as the “ go-to ” choice for workouts , and the outlook for 2017 is just as bright . Demand for these types of workouts isn ’ t showing any signs of slowing down and we expect this to be a big year for the boxing fitness segment . With celebrities ’ influence and awareness around the sport at an all-time high coupled with the calorie-torching workouts , we are confident 2017 will be a record-setting year for us .
Are your franchisees bullish or bearish about growth and adding additional units ? Our franchisees absolutely want to grow the brand and ensure that we continue growth in the system .
What time do you like to be at your desk ? When I am at my desk it ’ s very early in the morning . The majority of my time is spent with my team collaborating and in the field with franchisees .
Exercise in the morning ? Wine with lunch ? I prefer to work out in the evenings , sometimes at lunch . When I am out in the field , I will take morning classes and try to get a workout in 5 or 6 days a week . I don ’ t drink wine at lunch . I ’ ll save that for the weekends with dinner .
Do you socialize with your team after work / outside the office ? Our team has become a family . We have the occasional happy hour , dinner , and team-building events but we don ’ t overdo it since it ’ s important to continue to keep a happy work / life balance .
Last two books read : Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees and Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christensen .
What technology do you take on the road ? My iPad , 2 iPhones , and my Fitbit !
How do you relax / balance life and work ? I love what I do and I enjoy working out and spending time with family and friends . I am a big believer in planning , prioritizing , and being efficient with my time and that of others . Working out has always been a part of my lifestyle so I make time for that .
Favorite vacation destinations : The Caribbean is one of my favorite destinations . I love any place that has sun , the beach , and great food .
Favorite occasions to send employees notes : I write handwritten notes regularly . I like to acknowledge my team ’ s milestones , achievements , appreciation for their hard work , and the little things they do to enhance each other ’ s lives . I also be-
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