Fragrance Notes Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 7

R I S I N G L E A D E R S About Gillian: Gillian joined Berjé in 2007 after completing an inter- department training rotation and currently serve as Executive Vice President at headquarters in Carteret, NJ as well as President of their sister company, The Whole Herb Company, based in Sonoma, CA. What are you hopeful for in the fragrance industry? I hope that the consumer and perfumer’s appreciation for natural products will continue to evolve while recognizing the challenges involved to sustainably protect their use. I aspire to learn every day by listening to industry veterans and participating with distillers across the globe as they incorporate the traditional craft of essential oil production with increasingly modern technology. We are fortunate to be part of a constantly evolving industry and bear the responsibility of promoting the traditions that shape our fragrances, while actively emb racing change. Gillian Bleimann Executive Vice President Berjé Inc. What inspires you about fragrance? From both coasts, I am inspired by how our fragrance industry represents and honors tradition in an increasingly modern world. The flavor and fragrance industry spans diverse cultures and embodies a delicate balance between the new and the old. Our relationship with natural products goes back to the origins of perfumery and is truly a passion and constant thread for me at Berjé. “The flavor and fragrance industry spans diverse cultures and embodies a delicate balance between the new and the old.” What does the future of fragrance look like to you? In 30 years from now, there is a good chance that we will be arriving to work in self-driving cars, talking on the iPhone 38s, and drinking coffee served by robots; it is also truly exciting to contemplate what fragrances we will be wearing! As the third generation of Berjé, a global distributor of flavor and fragrance materials, I take the future of our industry to heart. Berjé continues to develop the next generation of leaders through our management training programs and I hope to do the same by serving on the Board of Directors of the WFFC (Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce) and participating with IFRANA’s motivating initiatives. FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 7