Fragrance Notes Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 39

M E MB E R S T O RIE S Firmenich Celebrates Scents of the French Riviera The Lovers (1937) on loan from the Israel Museum U nder perfect Provence blue-skies, Firmenich Perfumer Ashley Wilberding Balavoine presented “The Scents of the French Riviera” on April 19 th 2017 at The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. The lecture was in connection with the Marc Chagall exhibit at the gardens, The Color of Dreams, featuring the masterwork painting The Lovers (1937) on loan from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Balavoine spoke about the history of perfume, the language of perfumery, the role of the Perfumer along with an interactive olfactive presentation where the 220 guests were able to smell raw materials native to Provence such as Jasmine, Lavender, May Rose, Bergamot and Orange Flower. The event culminated in a painting-to-perfume adaptation: designed exclusively for Selby Gardens, Balavoine created The Lovers perfume which was inspired by Chagall’s The Lovers painting. The Lovers fragrance was influenced by the colors, mood and imagery of Provence in Chagall’s painting. Drawing from the region where Chagall painted his master- piece and where she first studied Perfumery, the fragrance was built with natural raw materials from the South of France. In order to evoke the deep blues and warm purples in th RFr6RVVB'&2'6WFRBfVFW fWBVb'6WFRffW&VB&6F&w&VVfƖvPVVVBF֗'&"FBbFRFrFRW&gVW"F7&VFfRƖ6V6RFFW'&WBFR'&vB&VBfvW'22&6W2FRV'BbFRW&gVR7W'&6vǒgFW"琧G&2FRFFR&V6R6&FWF276RBFfPF&fV6RFBVWV7FVBg&W6W72VVBG&7'@FRg&w&6RFF7FB6S&VvR&RfVB'6v( 2G&VƖRvW'F2v2FRff&FR76R`W"fFW"7FWVv&W&Frv6RFVBv2F7&VFPW6W6fRg&w&6R766FVBvFFRW&F'W@BVWV7FVFǒ76VBv&Vf&RFRWfVBRv06W'FǒFW&R7&BࠐV6wVW7B&V6VfVBFRfW'2W&gVRvg@g&f&V6e$u$4TDU2$p3