Fragrance Notes Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 30

D E VE L O P ME NT S FEDERAL TSCA This June marked the one-year anniversary of The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, which represented the f irst signif icant amendment of TSCA, the primary chemicals management law in the US. In accordance with statutory deadlines, the EPA has made available pre- publication copies of three important framework rules, including processes for a reset of the TSCA Inventory, as well as for the prioritization and risk evaluation of chemicals. IFRANA provided feedback to the EPA as the rules were developed and we were pleased to see many of our recommendations accepted by the Agency. As the rules are put into practice, IFRANA will continue to update its membership. Cosmetics Reform Four cosmetics measures are pending at the federal level and two bills have been introduced during the 115th Congress. In the House, Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX-32) reintroduced The Safe Cosmetics Modernization Act. This legislation includes references to RIFM’s safety assessments and is supported by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD). IFRANA has been communicating with ICMAD and will focus our efforts on fragrance-related portions of the bill. Despite releasing their discussion draft in 4Q16, Congressmen Frank Pallone (D-NJ-6) and Leonard Lance (R-NJ-7) have not yet introduced their bipartisan cosmetics bill. IFRANA met with both Representatives on Lobby Day; the Congressmen expressed a desire to introduce legislation and a commitment to work with IFRANA. 30 F R A G R A N C E N O T E S S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 7 In the Senate, Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Collins (R-ME) reintroduced in 2Q17. On Lobby Day, Senator Feinstein’s Office confirmed a commitment to passage in 2017. Also as a result of Lobby Day, IFRANA connected with Senator Hatch (R-UT)’s Off ice. The Senator has indicated an interest in introducing his own cosmetics legislation and IFRANA submitted feedback on Senator Hatch’s draft in May 2017. While legislative activity has not advanced beyond committee assignment, industry is preparing for the X[]Hو\YB][H^YX\QSH][Y[[YYY\YY][˜]H\ۘ[\HX[[ H[[H M™\\]YH[[\\\Y]XYܛHYY˂Y\\وۜ܈܈Y\][ۋQSH[۝[YBY]H܈Y]X[][YHY[\[ۋ[Y[K[Y\[XYH\YZ[[B[XZH[]Z\Y\Yܘ[H\\˂QBH[\YZ[\][ۈ\Y[HܛX[\ق[YX][Hܝ[Y\X[YHYHYܙY[Y[QJKHٙXHوHKˈYH\\[]]BTH\YYHY\[Y\\XH\]Y\XX˜[Y[ۈYX][ؚX]\Y\[H[\^][ۂوQH][YH[Y^XˈQSHXZ]Y[Y[[][YH[\\ۈZZ\YY][[[H MˈH[\YZ[\][ۈ[ݚYH][ܚ]Y\¸%\]]ܞH\]Z\[Y[8%T[[H M[YX][ۜ\H]Y[[]Y\ MˈQSH\™[YY\XH]TH\\Y[و[Y\K[HX[\[\YZ[\][ۋ\[[\HYB[]]HYKQSH[[\H]H[ܚ]Y\قYܘ[HX[YX\\[Yܘ[HX]\X[\Y\\Bۛۈ[][ZZ\