Fragrance Notes Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 15

FEATURE Weinstein Wisdom “Whether it’s tasting or smelling, learn your industry’s language. I have spent 30 years in the industry and there’s a language we have. I’m sure every industry has a language. To be a part of an industry, it’s important to learn that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in finance, supply chain, or HR; you should be spending time with the flavorist and see what makes them tick. You need to be passionate about what your company sells to find greater success. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a fulfilling career, but you can feel more proud in adding value to the industry and to the world” we can get or find it faster by going online. “Millennials have grown up with this reality. They have more speed and time and it’s fascinating to learn about how they choose to spend it.” Bob ponders how technology can be used to distract us, or how it can be used to give us time to learn and focus on the people and things we care about. Looking through Bob’s lens, we consider a future with bullet trains, smart refrigerators, and self-driving cars; “imagine the time we’ll have to learn new things.” Learning Today – Millennials and the great lightbulb experiment “ You can never buy back time and today we have more of it, so I try to allocate it wisely. ” Bob goes on to explain that when he was a young, married person, he and his wife, like all young couples in the 80’s!, went to the store to buy things. When online delivery started, Bob found it hard to believe that this could be efficient. However, he understood how much time it could save and gave it a try. “I did an experiment and ordered lightbulbs online to see if they would actually be delivered unbroken. And sure enough, I opened the box to unbroken lightbulbs.” Bob’s great experiment demonstrated how the Internet can give us time. Whether it is consumer goods, services, or information, FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 15