Fragrance Notes Summer/Fall 2017 - Page 11

R I S I N G L E A D E R S About Kelli: As Director of Marketing & Industry A­ffairs at Bell Flavors & Fragrances, her role is responsible for coordinating Bell’s global marketing teams. Kelli actively holds leadership positions in WFFC Chicago Chapter, FEMA (Flavor & Extract Manufacturing Association) and IFRANA (International Fragrance Association of North America). She is a past president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Chicago Alumnae Association. Kelli received a Master’s in Commu- nication specializing in Journalism from DePaul University and was a Distinguished Scholar in Tulane University’s honors program for her undergraduate education. This year Kelli will attend an executive program at Harvard Business School. What are you most hopeful about for the fragrance industry? Considering fragrance creates such an emotional appeal for consumers, I hope to maintain fragrance’s reputation in a positive light. A world without fragrance would be very dull and disenchanting place so educating the consumer about Kelli Heinz how fragrances are created, the art behind the scenes and Director of Marketing & Industry Affairs Bell Flavors & Fragrances to convey. We have a great story to share. Although it may most importantly, the safety that is taken into account when developing these impressionable scents is very important seem a tad scientific for the everyday consumer, I believe we have many ways to convey the beauty this industry takes so much pride in creating a world full of fragrance. “I like to say, we create memories and happiness for consumers when asked what I do for a living. ” What do you think is the most interesting thing about the fragrance industry? The fragrance industry is a unique and under credited industry that touches the lives of consumers every day. The average consumer’s daily routine touches around 40 different consumer products that contain fragrance and each of these products has an impact on their lives. To be a part of an industry that affects so many consumers on a daily basis is something I take pride in for my work. I like to say, we create memories and happiness for consumers when asked what I do for a living. FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 11