Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 7

B O A R D o f DIR E C T OR S Board of Directors Steve Tanner Chairman “In my opinion, there is no organization better prepared to serve its industry than IFRANA. As we promote fragrance and protect our industry, we have formed strong, productive relationships with consumer products companies, manufacturers, and legislators at the federal, state and local levels.” I serve as the President and CEO of Arylessence, Inc. and have been with the company for over 30 years. As chairman of a family-owned business, I know that good things happen when everyone works together. That is what has made our business growth and success as a company happen, and that is what is making IFRANA strong and effective. Robert Weinstein Vice Chairman “This industry is unique in its ability to encounter consumers from the moment they arise in the morning to the end of their evening – each and every day.” I serve as President and CEO of Robertet US, and have been with the company since September 2012. I started my fragrance career in 1987 at Firmenich, eventually joining the Corporate Management Board of Firmenich S.A. as the President of Global Ingredients Division and the Global Supply Chain Division. I live for those special “moments of delights” to consumers through scent. FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 7