Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 40

E V E N T S & ME E T IN GS Suzanne Hartigan (center) with Sarah Brozena of ACC and Dan Newton of SOCMA at the GlobalChem Conference in Washington DC. IFRANA’s Suzanne Hartigan represented the fragrance industry recently when she participated with EPA officials on a panel entitled “Impact of Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA) on TSCA Basics” at the 2017 GlobalChem Conference and Exposition held in Washington DC. The panel discussed how certain programs under TSCA will be impacted by the recently passed LCSA and what to expect from EPA’s new regulations focused on implementation. IFRANA also represented the industry at California Agriculture Day. 40 FRAGRANCE NOTES SPRING 2017 IFRANA held a Committee Leaders Workshop in February and brought in an outside expert, Francie Dalton, President of Dalton Alliances, who provided interpersonal training, so committee leaders are better positioned to package their messages to advance IFRANA’s strategic goals at the committee level.