Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 30

PROFILE Joy with friends enjoying the 2016 U.S. Open Joy and her tennis mates after a lesson at Kiawah Island, SC. Connect Your Passion with the Greater Good As a company, Firmenich is deeply committed to making a difference through innovation, creativity and sustainability to touch people’s lives positively. “On those days, and we’ve all had them, when everything seems to have gone awry, I think about, for example, the many children in so many locations around the United States, where we have shared the fun and beautiful, magical chemistry of fragrance. Through our sustainability programs at Firmenich, Keep Gratitude and Shared Values Top of Mind Always When asked to reflect on her thirty plus years in the fragrance industry, Joy is quick to credit its brilliant and passionate people, who give all they can to improve the science, craft and business, with the goal of giving people quality products while taking care of the environment that produces such amazing scents. Her colleagues in the industry credit her reputation and success to Joy’s instinct and sheer guts. we all come to work knowing we are also serving a bigger purpose, making the world a more beautiful place to work and values. Joy’s values and her company’s values are aligned, as live. Firmenich is always giving back and helping those less she notes, “Firmenich is still a family business with an honest fortunate. I love that about Firmenich.” culture that values hard work, entrepreneurial passion and the Constantly giving and working for the industry she loves, One factor in career success can be attributed to aligned contributions of our employees.” Joy is a proponent of STEAM education, and credits her affinity for science and technology to the talented scientists she has worked with throughout her career. Supported by Firmenich, Joy and her team host STEAM events across the U.S. to introduce young scientists to the fragrance profession. “I am a passionate voice for the wonders of science. Fragrance is a very magical field, because we engage art and science together to create beauty for our noses. I am privileged to work with incredible perfumers, fragrance developers and scientists who support the craft. I love sharing this passion Make Time to Dance to Your Own Tune Family and friends describe Joy as a motivated woman who knows how to get to “yes” with a long to-do list filled with people to meet and new projects to take on. However, despite rising well before dawn to manage her day packed through the evening, Joy makes time for tennis a few times a week. with young people, many of whom do not even know the Perfumery world exists.” leads to greater satisfaction and creativity in everything I do.” 30 FRAGRANCE NOTES SPRING 2017 “Taking care of myself and my family brings balance which