Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 17

C O M M I T T E E L E AD E RS H IP W hy did we modernize the IFRANA Committee Structure? Simply, to better serve you. We know what it feels like to be bogged down in a labyrinth of committees and task forces and how easily silos can form despite the best of efforts to the contrary. We believe clarity, collaboration, responsiveness, and flexibility are keys to being an impactful association. Thus, we worked with our leadership to create something different – a modern committee organization structure. This new committee structure increases efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing duplication and excess time spent in meetings. Now, it is full steam ahead! Policy Management Steering Committee This Committee was created with the goal of improving coordination between our IFRANA committees and enhancing communication with you, our valued members. This committee is comprised of the IFRANA staff and our committee leaders. Together, they will ensure we manage issues more holistically and effectively. They will also host a quarterly member briefing (via webinar) for our membership – keeping you abreast of our activities and the issues that matter to you. Branding & Communications Executive Committee Board Liaison – Andreas Steiner, Symrise Staff – Farah Ahmed Mission: Develop IFRANA’s brand, build trust for and enhance the reputation of the fragrance industry among key constituencies and establish IFRANA as the most trusted, respected voice and advocate for the industry. • Support internal and external communication. • Digital presence, including social media. • Develop programmatic efforts to support mission. • Support member communication, including members-only website platorm. FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 17