Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 15

B O A R D o f DIR E C T OR S John Trombley Director “I am privileged to work in an industry driven by creation and science, delivered by impassioned people, and providing a solution that has the ability to touch and impact the lives of anyone in the world.” I serve as the Head of Consumer Products, North America at Givaudan Fragrances, and bring more than 20 years of industry experience and operational leadership to my role. As a member of the Givaudan global fragrance management committee, I oversee commercial, creation and technology activities at the Creative Center in New Jersey. Prior to joining Givaudan as an account executive in 2001, I spent more than ten years at Dow Corning in finance and later transitioned into managing personal care and industry textile accounts. #makescents This wrinkly brown seed of the tonka bean is a precious, wild-grown raw material used in fragrances. It is prized for it 2FVWv&7vVWBFR&V֖66VBb6&V@BF&66v6ǒ6VG&@6WFW&62( 6'&( F27vVWB&Vগ2&VƖWfVBF'&rvBV6e$u$4TDU2$p