Fragrance Notes Spring 2017 - Page 10

B O A R D o f DIR E C T OR S Robert Bedoukian Director “Following in my father’s lead – he wrote several books and 50 Annual Review articles while working as a chemist, perfumer and consultant – I have been fortunate enough to enjoy every aspect of this industry for the past 40 years.” A fter graduating from Tufts in Chemical Engineering, I went to work on a PhD in Chemistry at Purdue. While I was there my father, who had been in this industry his entire career, founded Bedoukian Research. I joined him in 1975 and now serve as the President of Bedoukian Research. Kim Bleimann Director “We Homo sapiens, most probably not unlike our predecessors, have been captivated by the power and the beauty of the fragrance world which surrounds us. Our sense of smell impacts with immediacy our experience of being alive and how we navigate our environment. How very fortunate we are to be involved in an industry which inspires, beguiles and enhances lives enjoining this sense daily.” I have been fortunate to have experienced the transformation of the flavor and fragrance businesses over the past four plus decades. I joined Berje Inc. in March, 1973 as a compounder for our inconsequential fragrance customers, when the company had nine employees. In 1981, I purchased the company from my father and uncle, Julius and Alexander Bleimann and we are still, thankfully, a family owned and managed concern. My daughter, Gillian, will take us into the third generation and beyond. Currently I serve as Chair and CEO of Berje Inc. I have had the distinction of being the Chair of IFRANA during its formative period transitioning from the Fragrance Materials Association into an alignment with IFRA. Equally as significant I was bestowed the Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award in April 2016. We have no higher honor and I am grateful for this award more than anyone could know. 10 FRAGRANCE NOTES SPRING 2017