Fragrance Notes Issue 3, 2018 - Page 6

2018: A year of IMPACT Delivering meaningful value, preventing unnecessary costs, and generating excitement and appreciation for fragrance ‘‘ If Fragrance Creators were a company, our product would be influence. Here at Fragrance Creators, we pride ourselves on listening, working hard, and thinking differently. And, personally, I believe it is incumbent upon us as an organization to constantly demonstrate progress—not merely a list of “here is what we did this year”—but measurable achievements and tangible, positive results for our member companies and the public. Putting things in relatable terms: If Fragrance Creators were a company, our product would be influence. And, this year, we strategically developed our identity—elevating our reputation—and forged awareness and trust with key audiences to establish influence as our signature “product.” Overall, we have saved our members millions in unnecessary costs, advanced opportunities for profitability, and promoted policies that are also good for people and the planet. The following 10 results demonstrate how our product has directly impacted your business, the fragrance industry at-large, and the public we ultimately serve. RESULT #1 Won reinstatement of fragrance VOC exemption originally excluded by the Ozone Transport Commission in its revised 2018 model rule. IMPACT FOR MEMBER BUSINESSES Prevented a potentially industry-crippling regulatory impact that would have eliminated the fragrance VOC exemption for fragranced personal care products in 17 states. IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC Protected the public from having severely limited or no access to scented products or products that mask malodor. RESULT #2 Prevented the U.S. Trade Representative from levying millions of dollars in tariffs by protecting 34 fragrance-related materials/chemicals from 10% tariff increase in 2018 and 25% in 2019. ‘‘ IMPACT FOR MEMBER BUSINESSES: Prevented an estimated of $17 million in 6 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 3, 2018 tariff-related costs from being imposed on our members. (This is a conservative estimate based on feedback from up to seven Fragrance Creators member companies. We still have not heard back from several companies, four of which are large.) This savings extends to member customers and to consumers. Furthermore, the information compiled in this exercise is being used by members to develop purchasing strategies that minimize the effect of the remaining tariffs. IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC: Safeguarded consumers against rising prices, as tariffs may lead to increased costs of consumer goods. Any increase in costs of these common household items will be felt by all Americans, but most acutely by low- and middle-income consumers. RESULT #3 Persuaded Congress to establish the first-ever Congressional Fragrance Caucus. IMPACT FOR MEMBER BUSINESSES