Fragrance Notes Issue 3, 2018 - Page 19

SLUG SLUG Fragrance Creators Launches Importance & Benefits of Fragrance Committee The association expands its programs to include understanding and communicating the importance and benefits of fragrance L ifting spirits, bringing memories back to life, combating malodor, facilitating feelings of calm, sparking moments of joy: These are just a few of the ways fragrance enhances lives. We, the fragrance community, understand the importance and benefits of fragrance. That is part of what fuels our passion here at Fragrance Creators! And, this is why we now endeavor to grow and share this knowledge and passion with the world. It’s time for us to educate and inspire the public—in a meaningful way—about why fragrance is not merely a “nice to experience,” but a “need to experience” as part of a rich and full life. We are thrilled to announce a new Fragrance Creators program on the Importance and Benefits of Fragrance. This program is being supported by a new committee, the Importance & Benefits Committee (IBC). The IBC’s focus is on compiling information—studies, stories, and examples—supporting the importance and benefits of fragrance. Information that we will use as part of Fragrance Creators’ communications strategy to educate, inspire, and endear the public to fragrance. To learn more, contact us at info@ FN ‘‘ Fragrance is not merely a ‘nice-to-experience’ but a ‘need-to- experience’ as part of a rich and full life.” Issue 3, 2018 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | 19