Fragrance Notes Issue 3, 2018 - Page 10

FEATURE A STRONG FEMALE LEAD “I’ve always wanted to mentor women and help nurture them and give them opportunities in this industry.” GET TO KNOW KAREN –– HOMETOWN: New York City HER EARLIEST SCENT MEMORY: “I remember picking green beans with my sister in the gardens at Les Agnels, a lavender producer in the South of France, where my father had brought us along on a business trip.” FAVORITE ‘FOODIE’ CITY: “Singapore is awesome, especially the food scene there. They have these hawker centers, where there are all of these little mini-kitchens/food stalls and each vendor specializes in one or two dishes. And they even have Michelin-stars! It’s like the only place that has Michelin-rated street food vendors.” HER GO-TO KARATE MOVE(S): “I’m working hard on my katas (forms). Trying to perfect Chuan Fa 1-3. I am also working on my nunchuck form.” 10 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 3, 2018 work with me, I looked for people that were kind of similar to me, who had the same kind of values and who really felt passionate about the essential oils and the industry. I always felt that if the raw talent was there, they should be given the opportunity to succeed.” She also enjoys getting to teach and share her passion with others. “I like to talk about the industry. I like to give people opportunities to visit vendors and go to the source and learn. For me, the best way to learn this industry was really being hands-on, going to see where the essential oils are made all over the world, working in our labs, actually working in the plant.” She admits that these days, as her company gets bigger, it’s getting harder and harder to be cross-functional. “But, certainly, giving people opportunities to meet with the people who produce the essential oils and to travel and see them made, I think that’s really important.” In addition to being a global citizen, working well with others is critical to Karen’s work. Currently, she leads Kerry’s essential oils business with three of her colleagues. Those who know her see her as an empathetic, open-minded leader, who approaches management with a humanistic bent. “I try to relate to people first as a person, even in business, and that’s really important to me,” she said. “My whole career, I haven’t always been strict about layers of management... We’re all people and we spend a big percentage of our time at work. So, it’s important to treat people well and to try to relate to them, whether they’re somebody in the plant, or the janitor, or your boss, or your boss’ boss.” THE FAMILY THAT TRAVELS “I think my leadership style has just kind TOGETHER… of evolved over the past 25 years of my “Our dirty little secret in my family was career,” she said. “But I’ve always wanted that I never took my kids to Disney Land to mentor women and help nurture them and give them opportunities in this industry.” or Disney World… but, instead they’ve been all over Europe and Asia.” She says she’s not much of a micromanager, preferring to stay hands-off and give people Karen’s work takes her all over the world the opportunity to spread their wings and and she’s all too thrilled to bring her family go as far as they can go. “In the beginning to the places she loves. Her husband John of my career, when I was hiring people to Rickshaw adventures in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam