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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT & CEO What’s in a Name? The journey of Fragrance Creators’ name and logo A name and logo are the first things people hear and see when they “meet” your organization. I think good brand names are seldom arbitrary; they are carefully curated ambassadors of a brand personality that convey position, tone, and values.  So, how to capture fragrance in a name and logo? I would argue that to be an exercise in futility. But I do believe there is a way—with an open mind and heart— to create a name that communicates who we are as an industry community and a mark that embodies—as best we can—the essence of fragrance. It is with that belief that we embarked on our rebranding journey—a highly collaborative, thoughtful, and creative process—with all the vigorous discussions you would expect from individuals who truly care about our organization and its future. A BIT OF HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Many may not know that our association dates back to the 1920s, when a trade group was formed by essential oils dealers, importers, and processors. It later became the Fragrance Materials Association of the United States (FMA) and commenced advocating for the entire spectrum of fragrance ingredients, both of natural and lab-created origins, and for fragrance compounders. Today, the organization continues to grow and improve to better serve members, be the voice of the fragrance industry, and endear and educate the public to fragrance. And as the world continues to evolve around us, we recognized that we needed to embrace change—even though it can be uncomfortable—and reinforce our association as a strong, independent national partner in the global fragrance community. That meant finding a way to communicate our ongoing commitment to the IFRA Standard, engaging with IFRA to ensure global policy coherence, and working with RIFM to ensure scientific accuracy, while also eliminating increasing confusion among law makers, influencers and media, and the general public. We concluded that the best way to do this was to rebrand ourselves as an association made up of creators who are grounded in safety and passionate about making the world a better place through the power of fragrance. THE NAME TALKS Like everything we do, the name change was driven and perfected by our people. We worked with our members, allied stakeholders, and other influencers, who graciously shared their ideas and expertise along the way. During a focus group session on the rebranding, Sandy Pound, Vice President, Worldwide Communication and Public Policy, at Johnson & Johnson, suggested the name “Fragrance Makers.” From there, Kenneth McAlister, Vice President of Sales, Technology, and Innovation at Intarome and member of our Board of Directors, suggested “Fragrance Creators”—and it stuck. We believe that our industry and our association are only as strong as the individuals who help create fragrances and fragranced products in a safe and responsible way every single day. We are proud to represent the scientists, perfumers, researchers, farmers, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and the many others who make up this community. THE LOGO ‘WALKS’ The logo design, too, was a group effort. Anyone who knows me knows I am always looking to art, photography, music, and other creations for inspiration. While searching online, I stumbled upon an image of the strikingly colorful droplet and it moved me. I knew I’d found something truly special. It was creative, beautiful, and em otion-invoking—just like fragrance. Designed by an independent artist, the droplet is completely unique, containing layers upon layers of colors that come together to create something exquisite—a nod to the thoughtfulness and collaboration that are foundational to our industry. We were sure to incorporate the circle around the droplet, connecting us to our former branding and expressing our commitment to collaborate with IFRA on global fragrance policy. As we finalized the design, Jaime Krayger, Associate Director of Global Prospective at Firmenich and Chair of our Branding & Communications Executive Committee, lent us her design expertise, offering up additional refinements that made it just right. Since the rollout in early May, the response from our members, allied trades, and the media has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is genuinely excited about the direction in which we’re moving and all that we are poised to achieve. I’m so pleased and grateful for the enthusiasm and energy in every “Like,” comment, text, and email. As you will see in the pages that follow, through our advocacy, communications, and membership efforts, we are now achieving unprecedented impact, visibility, and reach on Capitol Hill, with state and federal policymakers and regulators, and with the general public. We are committed to sharing our values and educating and endearing everyone to the value, benefits, and joy of fragrance—and we’re just getting started. Our brand position and reputation will continue to build and be earned day by day. The process will take time. However, I believe we have taken a strong step toward ensuring great brand recall, salience, and reputational elevation. Many thanks to each of you—our members—who have helped make all of this possible. FN Farah K. 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