Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2018 - Page 35

DEVELOPMENTS Developments TSCA The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, which represents the first significant amendments of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), is the primary chemicals management law in the US. EPA has been implementing these amendments and has issued framework rules, including processes for a reset of the TSCA Inventory, as well as for the prioritization and risk evaluation of chemicals. Fragrance Creators Association provided feedback to the EPA as the rules were developed and we were pleased to see many of our recommendations accepted by the agency. In the new chemicals space, through multiple engagements with EPA senior staff and productive feedback from Fragrance Creators’ TSCA Task Force, the association is working diligently to bring safer, greener chemicals to market. Fragrance Creators has identified opportunities to provide written data to enable informed decision-making regarding registration of new chemicals. As EPA continues to draft its fees rule, Fragrance Creators supports a fee structure that is adjusted for inflation and ensures no charge fees for confidential business information (CBI) claims. The fragrance industry’s priority is to ensure that TSCA modernization—in accordance with congressional intent and industry support—promotes safety, innovation, and sound science. Cosmetics Modernization In coordination with our allied trades, Fragrance Creators Association is working to shape the five cosmetics measures pending at the federal level. Fragrance Creators has taken ownership over fragrance policy in the House and Senate. In the House, Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX-32) reintroduced The Safe Cosmetics Modernization Act in 1Q17. This legislation includes references to RIFM’s safety assessments and is narrower than some other measures. While Congressmen Frank Pallone (D-NJ-6) and Leonard Lance (R-NJ-7) have not yet introduced their bipartisan cosmetics bill, Fragrance Creators communicates regularly with key staff. In the Senate, Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Collins (R-ME) reintroduced The Personal Care Products Safety Act in 2Q17. Senator Hatch (R-UT) introduced The FDA Cosmetic Safety and Modernization Act in 4Q17, which does not specifically address fragrance. Fragrance Creators has worked closely with the Senate Committee on Health, Education Labor & Pensions (HELP) as it develops the bipartisan draft Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act. Regardless of sponsor or legislation, Fragrance Creators will continue to advocate for cosmetics proposals that include preemption, sound science, CBI protection, and trigger language clarifying when/if FDA w VBRV&W2Fg&w&6RW6W2fFR&v06VG2d72FR67VW"&GV7G2&VwVF&fVB'FR"&W6W&6R&&B4$"6Ɩf&6WG2d2Ɩ֗G2f"VW&W0&GV7B6FVv&W2d2Ɩ֗G2FBǐFg&w&6W2WF6&VBWfVb W&6VB'vVvB6FVB67VW &GV7BfW"FR7B6WfW&F2VFR&VwVF'&FW2fRFV7FW0FBffV7BFR&VwVFbd72FW6P&VwVF'&FW26VFR4$"FRPG&7'B6֗76D2v6RFV'VR2VVFVBfW"R7FFW2@Vf&VBB6ƖFR6vR6FT442g&w&6R7&VF'2&V6v旦W2FP'F6Rb&FV7FrFRg&w&6Rd0WVFN( F6V7FvFW"ƖV@G&FW>( F2&fFrƖ7W'2vFFPV6W76'f&FFRvV֖f&V@FV662tԕ2#PF&VvFRWW'F6RbG267WFVF6fWGbVf&VB4R6֗GFVRg&w&6R7&VF'2V6W&vV@VF6FFVVBƖ6W0FB&&FRv&W'24$&FV7F&VF7F&ƗGB67VW"66R2vV0667FVBƖ7&WGvVVFRVFVB7FFW0B6F&#VF6FV&Ɨ6VBfVFVBFG2F6Pv66VFVB&f6f"6fFVF'W6W72f&F2&WVW7FVB'FPg&w&6RGW7G'FRFVFƖW2f"t2VVFFখ6FfR&VVWFVFVBvrFP6Ɩ6RW&G2f"G&6FFtԕ0#R2fw3Td5EU$U%2B%DU%0VR#*D5E$%UD%06WFV&W"#*&ƖVF'&WfWpb4UFR6FvfW&VB27W'&VFǐW&f&֖r6&VV6fR&WfWrbFP&f62BW&FbFR6FVf&VF&FV7F7B4U22&WV&VB'6V7F3C2bFP7BF&RFRWfW'ffRV'2*FR7FFp6֗GFVRVf&VBB7W7F&PFWfVVB7V&֗GFVBG2&W'B( ĆVFVf&VBVF6F2VFV6ד7G&VwFVrFR6FVf&VF&FV7F7B( FFPW6Rb62*g&w&6R7&VF'206&&FrvF4UFW&6&FFpw&W4U4rFǗRFP&V6VFF2B&fFRfVVF&6FFPvfW&VB2DT0VRb#FRWr&7FFPFW'FVBbVf&VF66W'fFࢄ2DT2fƗVBG2W6VB6V6p&GV7Bf&FF667W&R&w&Ф6W'Ff6Ff&BwVF6RF7VVB6֖rF7BW7Fr7FGWF'WF&GF2&VwVF'7F&WV&W2Vf7GW&W'0FF666R6Vr&GV7Bw&VFV@f&FƖRFRVVFFFVƖR2FW&VBvFF667W&Rf FVFǒFFVBw&VFVG2&VvpVǒ#B6W'FgV7F'&GV7G2B6F֖G2V'##2g&w&6R7&VF'22FWfVrVFf6WFVB7G&FVwvFW"ƖVBG&FW2FFG&W72FRwVF6Rdग77VR"#e$u$4TDU2$r3P