Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2018 - Page 18

ADVOCACY Fragrance Creators Hosts California Lobby Day From left: Cynthia Reichard, Executive Vice President and Director of Client Services at Arylessence; Amanda Nguyen, J.D., Director of Government Affairs & Legal for Fragrance Creators; and John Carey, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Firmenich. In April 2018, members of Fragrance Creators Association’s Government and Legislative Affairs Executive Committee (GLAEC) participated in Lobby Day meetings in California. Arylessence, Firmenich, and Givaudan joined Fragrance Creators staff in educating legislative offices about the power of fragrance. We connected with decision-makers on issues of importance for the industry. We strengthened existing relationships and encouraged legislative staff to use Fragrance Creators as a resource. The meetings were proactive and—while we discussed relevant bills [e.g. AB 2901 (technical amendments to SB 258), AB 1249 (animal testing)]—we were able to engage in an open dialogue about the value, importance, and safety of fragrance. This “big picture” strategy empowers the association and its members to Y]H܈HܚXHY\]]H[Y[]ܞH[\ۛY[[[YܛXKYܘ[HܙX]ܜ\X][ۋ[ܙ[][ۈ]KK[[\H[Y\[Y]]H[YܛXHZ\\\\\ TBY\[]ZY[H[ۈH\[Yܘ[H^[\[ۈ[XYYY[ۛ\[\ˈ\\[ۜ]HY[H\Hۙ[[Yܘ[HܙX]ܜ[۝[YHX[YH\\YHYHT\ܘKH[\\^[\[YܛXHYXHYܝ[ N[^[ۙ NQԐSST˓ԑ\YH  N