Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2018 - Page 12

NOTABLE NOSES Pushing the limits of perfumery Talking innovation and inspiration with Arylessence’s Heather Killgo THE NOSE HEATHER KILLGO Vice President of Perfumery at Arylessence, Inc. –– HOBBIES: Mountain biking, traveling around the world, photography, and cooking FRAGRANCE TREND SHE’S MOST EXCITED ABOUT: Rose scents and the comeback of elegant, simple florals WHERE SHE FINDS INSPIRATION: Mostly from nature, but city life as well—from National Parks to Manhattan and Paris—and all of the cuisine she experiences in these places. “I am literally tasting or smelling something everywhere I go.” 12 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 2, 2018 LIA DANGELICO, DIRECTOR, COMMUNICATIONS, FRAGRANCE CREATORS ASSOCIATION: Everyone grows up in a different sort of home. Some have a great cook in the house so everything is about food. For others, its gardening, sports, and the list goes on. How did scent play a role in your early home life? HEATHER KILLGO: I have a lot of scent memories from my childhood for ɔ=)䁙ٽɥѕ́́ѡ͵хє)丁5䁝ɅѡȁٕݥѠ́ݡ)$ٕ݅́չٕ䁵ɹ)ݡѽѡȁ䁅ѕȁ)ɕЁѽи$ѡ͕݅)ݡ$݅́ɽչȁȁٔ啅́)Ёٕͥѥ$͵ȁхє)ܰ$ѡ)$ɕ܁͵ɴ$)Ё䁑́ͥ5䁙ѡȁ́)٥ɑȁё͵ͼ݅)݅́ͥ$ݕЁݥѠٕݡɔ)ݕаͼ$ѡ́ɔ͵)ѡݕ́ݔѕ)ѽѡȁѡݔٕѕ$)ѥɕȁѡ͵䁱ѡȁ͔)ͅ)91% <%ӊé饹܁͍Ё