Fragrance Notes Issue 1, 2019 - Page 40

MEMBER NEWS Arylessence Granted First SQFI Ethical Sourcing Certificate From a press release issued by EAGLE Food Registrations Inc.— “In August of 2018, Arylessence received the first-ever SQFI Ethical Sourcing Certifi- cate to from EAGLE Food Registrations Inc., which specializes in third-party certification to international management system standards. SQF Ethical Sourcing is a voluntary standard that provides guidance to organizations on documenting their management systems and procedures relative to fair labor and socially responsible environmental practices. With increasing pressure from consumers for industries to embrace socially responsible practices, certification to the Ethical Sourc- ing standard is a first step for companies to demonstrate their commitment to their em- ployees and the environment. Ethical Sourc- ing focuses on what organizations are doing to provide acceptable conditions of employment, tenure for employees and management of the environment. ‘EAGLE is excited and honored to issue the first accredited SQFI Ethical Sourcing Certif- icate. We are embracing the Ethical Sourcing standard and the accountability it will drive across organizations. We believe it is the right thing for businesses to do, even if it is not yet mandated by their customers. Many companies are already ‘doing the right thing.’ Certification provides documented proof from a third-party that companies have effective processes in place to manage and sustain their system,’ said Albert “Skip” Greenaway, President/CEO, EAGLE Certification Group. ‘Fair labor and socially responsible envi- ronmental practices have been foundational #makescents 40 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 1, 2019 in our business and are a primary focus of our management and production practices. This first ever accredited SQFI Ethical Sourcing Certificate issued by EAGLE Certification Group further asserts and validates our past, present, and future commitments to the high- est social and environmental standards and accountability. From Arylessence ownership to each and every team member, we are dedicated to for- ward-thinking business practices that promote and support the highest ethical integrity while enhancing the health and well-being of people and the planet. We are honored and extremely pleased to have our high standards recognized, as well as to lead the way as the first ever corporation to receive this important accred- itation,’ said Bret Tanner, Vice President of Operations, Arylessence, Inc.”