Fragrance Notes Issue 1, 2019 - Page 16

S L O U T G A B S L E N UG NOSES FEATURE sound science. So, having perfumers and health professionals work together towards the goal of demonstrating that fragrance has a positive impact on daily life is very novel. It will help in addressing misinformation and clearly has a place in the array of Fragrance Creators’ advocacy efforts, including the Capitol Hill Perfumery Event, of which I was proud to be a first-time participant this year! This work is an amazing way to give back and build our legacy as Fragrance Creators and also supports a better understanding of fragrance as a part of everyday life. I hope that the Importance and Benefits of Fragrance Committee will help us nudge fragrance closer to a higher purpose. It’s great and does matter that we make restrooms more pleasant to use, but it would be awesome if we could also help to improve the lives of people facing a variety of challenges. How much more fulfillment would we get from our jobs knowing that we helped make their day-to- day experiences better and relationships and connections deeper? DANGELICO: How do you stay inspired, and who and what activities bring joy to your life? NADAU: I love being outdoors, especially in mountains. I often take note of raw materials that I smell while outside and experiment on blending later. That’s my main source of inspi- ration and the reason I gravitate towards very green, fresh, citrusy, outdoorsy notes in my creations. Food is a close second—a creative cocktail, a new dessert, or the unusual spice blend in an exotic recipe I’m trying. At this point in my life, my favorite place to be is Scottsdale, Arizona. Personal reasons have me spending about half of my time in the desert, and no place makes me happier. When the rain comes, the creosote bushes release this amazing smell—even though it might still be crazy dry where you are. It’s warm and resinous, green and leathery. It’s so interesting and unique. Spring is in the air there, and there are myriads of blooming mimosas that make the running trail I take smell sweet with the promise of warmer weather. Besides cooking, I am passionate about fitness because you cannot cheat or maneuver your way to physical performance. Only hard work and dedication will allow you to reach the goals you make. I’m a hiking fiend, and Arizona is a dream come true for that reason. Thanks to my husband, Andrew, I’ve discovered and enjoy mountaineering over the past couple of years. We summited Mont 16 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 1, 2019 ANGÉLIQUE NEAR THE SUMMIT OF MONT BLANC Blanc—the highest mountain in the Alps—last summer, and three American fourteeners—a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet—the previous year. I love resistance training and picked up road cycling over the past year because running was becoming too taxing and I kept injuring myself. Last summer, we cycled up Pikes Peak in Colorado, the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Andrew was up in three hours and came back down to coach me to the top. I finally made it in six hours, after many tears and a lot of stopping. We’re going back this summer and it should be better. It’s a beast of a ride, about 20 miles one- way, with over 7,000 feet of elevation. I shiver just thinking about it. But getting to the top of those mountains is like nothing in the world. I get so much pride and meaning every time! It’s a great way to remain emotionally grounded, and is the perfect reminder to focus on what really matters. As for who brings me joy, Andrew—my life partner, my best friend and biggest fan, and my most honest critic. He inspires me every day to push myself harder and further, to be a better person in all areas of my life. Plus, he’s got great skin for fragrance! I just wish he remembered the codes of the fine fragrance trials he puts on. Ha! FN ‘‘ The combination of soft creation and hard science [in perfumery] means there’s never a dull day on the job.