Fragrance Notes Issue 1, 2019 - Page 13

FEATURE FARAH K. AHMED & MIGUEL AT FRAGRANCE CREATORS’ 2018 LOBBY DAY MIGUEL WITH HIS SON, ALSO NAMED MIGUEL, WHEN HE WAS GRAND MARSHAL OF THE CARNAVAL IN PUERTO RICO look to associations to help bring people together so we can tackle them together.” But in order to get there, industry needs the right sort of leadership. “We need somebody to bring us together and say, if perfume is our lifeblood, let’s put our heads together to amplify the benefits of perfume and then share that with the world,” he says. He sees Fragrance Creators as playing a key role in this, and is encouraged by the association’s efforts as well as increased support from member companies. “We’re doing this because we think this is the right thing to do. We know that society, as a whole, benefits from perfumery, and we need to make sure we share that with people, so they understand the real value.” FN Editor’s Note: After this article was written, Miguel an- nounced his retirement from Procter & Gamble, following his 40-year career. A Note from Miguel: While my job was amazingly exciting and I was on a journey to help transform fra- grance into a more robust, innovative, and benefits-driv- en industry, an opportunity to retire became almost im- possible to ignore and I decided to retire from P&G after having the most fabulous career one can ever envision. I am so glad to have chosen P&G; it was the adventure of a lifetime. I plan to stay involved in perfumery as I have learned to love this industry, and I still want to help make it more robust and add value. Unless we do this, the inevitable slide into commodity status will erode margins and the ability to innovate. This is not goodbye. I plan to take a break with a few months living in Europe for fun and rest, but will be back around helping us transform the world in no time! WITH GRATITUDE On behalf of our members, Fragrance Creators applauds Miguel’s many years of leadership and contributions to perfumery, our association, and the fragrance industy as a whole. Thank you, Miguel. Issue 1, 2019 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | 13