Fragrance Notes Issue 1, 2019 - Page 12

FEATURE perfumes or about different ways to use perfumes.” He wants to challenge the industry to think about, what else can you do with perfume? “My theory is we’re ripe for somebody to show up with innovation and to shake up the industry complete- ly,” he says. “We are that ‘shock’ in the industry at P&G. We’re innovating left and right with perfumers. Over the next few years, you’re going to see more products hit the market with fragrances that bring oth- er benefits to the consumers and that make consumers’ lives easier, that make consumers’ lives better, that in- crease the delight of consumers. Not just because they smell nice, but because the perfume offers a unique benefit to the consumer.” He also points to the need for industry unity. “I think in the face of ‘chemophobia’—[an aversion to or prejudice against chemicals or chemistry]—in the face of misinformation, in the face of all these issues that hurt not just companies but all of us as an industry, we should join forces to work it out as a whole,” he says. “In the face of industry-wide challenges we should We’re doing this because we think this is the right thing to do. We know that society, as a whole, benefits from perfumery, and we need to make sure we share that with people so they understand the real value. MIGUEL EXPLORING LAVENDER FIELDS IN GRASSE, FRANCE 12 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 1, 2019