Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 5

ME SSAGE FROM THE PR ES IDE N T & C E O Bold in Moves 2018 H ere we are—together—ready to move. To move beyond the limiting parameters of what is commonly expected, to cause valuable perspectives to arise, to create unprecedented value that we never knew was possible. Let’s be BOLD. Let’s turn our challenges into opportunities. Let’s make 2018 groundbreaking. And, groundbreaking we are poised to be. This year, for the first time in our history, IFRANA will establish a measurable voice for the fragrance industry in the general public media space. Another first: We will develop an industry affairs program. And, we also will take our advocacy to new heights as well as focus on better understanding and meeting your needs. Here are several key initiatives we are pursuing in 2018 and beyond: To Know Fragrance Is to Love Fragrance. We are developing a comprehensive communication program that increases knowledge and love for fragrance and the fragrance industry among influencers and the general public. We have engaged the right experts within our membership —both fragrance houses and consumer product companies —who are informing and energizing us every step of the way. Growing the Industry for the Consumer. We are establishing an Advisory Board comprised of a diverse group of senior executives from a variety of industries that will help us better understand sectoral interconnectivity, and better identify and leverage opportunities and challenges. The Advisory Board will also work to educate and develop influential advocates for the power of fragrance across sectors. We look forward to harnessing these collective commercial and consumer insights to create meaningful benefits for all stakeholders. IFRANA Advocacy 2.0. We will further improve We Can Hear You Now. We will actively solicit your access and relationship building through key initiatives, including the launch of a Fragrance Caucus and a Lobby Day in California. We are building a Fragrance Caucus as a way to capitalize on our increased federal presence as well as Member-level interest in fragrance-specific issues and events. The Caucus will be comprised of Members of Congress who support our goals, and who will engage on issues pertaining to the science of fragrance, the nation’s fragrance business sector, and the value fragrance adds to the U.S. economy and everyday life. opinion—because it matters. That’s why we are developing an engaging member survey that will help us better serve your needs. We hope each and every one of you will participate in the survey with candor; we are motivated by the compliments and eager to grow from your feedback. I am confident IFRANA will deliver meaningful value in 2018. I know this because we have a membership like no other. Your support, engagement, passion, and commitment to IFRANA will help us bring about achievements beyond the expected— promoting the fragrance industry’s continued ability to enhance lives, preserve the planet, and bring moments of delight to the consumers we serve. Let’s come together and make 2018 a truly groundbr