Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 46

E V ENT S & ME E T I NGS Ashley Balavoine, Perfumer at Firmenich, created A Cozy Nook, inspired by relaxing spaces at home. She is pictured here (right) with John Carey, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Firmenich and Rebecca Morton, Marketing Director North America at Firmenich. Heather Killgo, Vice President of Perfumery at Arylessence, created Pampered Rose, inspired by bath time. She is pictured here (left) with Lori Parker, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Arylessence, Inc. Monell Chemical Senses Center’s scent education station provided a fun and interactive learning experience for attendees. From left, Carol Christensen, PhD, Director, Institutional Advancement at Monell and Leslie Stein, PhD, Director, Science Communications at Monell. Onno Stofberg, Vice President of Consumer Products Perfumery at Givaudan, created Dreaming of Home, inspired by the bedroom. He is pictured here (right) with David Dilk, Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert at Givaudan. UPCOMING EVENTS April 18: IFRANA Spring Dinner May 9: Lobby Day May 10: IFRANA Board of Director’s Meeting 46 FRAGRANCE NOTES ISSUE 1, 2018 June 11: Golf Outing July 17: Perfumery Event on Capitol Hill