Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 42

E V ENT S & ME E T I NGS IFRANA 2017 Annual Meeting, continued Ready for the Versatility Challenge? From Francie Dalton of Dalton Alliances, Inc.—Remember your lowest score from It reveals the behavior type you’re least comfortable with. The primary emphasis during our time together on November 14, 2017, at IFRANA’s Annual Meeting, was to equip you with techniques that would ease discomfort and improve the results of working with each of the 7 behavior types when they’re at their worst. So here’s the challenge for those who have applied the techniques during a recent encounter with someone whose behavior exemplifies your lowest score: Using the subject line IFRANA, email a description of the encounter and the results you achieved to Perhaps your story will appear in my next article/book (only with your permission, and always unattributed). For those who’ve not yet applied the techniques, the challenge is a bit different: Identify the next difficult encounter you anticipate having with your superior, and package your way of communicating to resonate with their primary style. Here’s an abbreviated set of tips to help you get started: Behavior Types Techniques for Successful Interactions with Superiors Commanders Link your message to improving/expanding order, control and results Drifters Shore up their inattentiveness so it doesn’t show to others Attackers Show respect for criticism by taking notes & complying; maintain a thick skin Pleasers Develop a familial relationship Performers Expect no credit; Find opportunities for them to shine Avoiders Risk-proof your ideas; serve as protector; be their early \[\[B[[]X[و[\ܚ[][]HZ\ܛX][[ۜ]H\Y[H܈]Z[