Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 32

C O M M I T T E E L E A D E R S H I P Co-Chair: Joseph Bania Regulatory Affairs Manager at Bedoukian Research “I love the smell of vanilla because I find it calming and it reminds me of many delicious things.” I have been with Bedoukian Research, Inc. for over 15 years in the regulatory affairs department. I enjoy what I do and am glad to give back to the industry as co-chai وHH[Z]YKۙHو^H]ܚ]H][\\˜H[\Y[8'[x&\HۛH\H܈Hܝ\] ۸&]\K۸&]ܜK[H\HY[H\˜[ۙH^K'BPZ\Z[Y[YX‘\X܈وY[]ܞHYZ\][\\Hܝ[Y\XB'HݙHHY[و[X[XX[X]\HBYܘ[H[^H[X[XX[H^H[^\›XZ\YH[و[[]Y[[ˈH\^Z[^HYH[[X\HX]\H\ۈ\BY^\\Hݙ\x&[HۙH][\[[&]Z]܈[x'B\\X܈وY[]ܞHYZ\][\\KH[H\ۜXH܈Y[ۘ[\X[HY\[ ]K[[Y[][ۜ[H[[\H]\[ۋ[\\[Yܘ[\[Y]X[ܙYY[ˈYHYX\x&]H]YYX[H[\[[[\[HY[]ܞH\[H\][]\Yܘ[\[Y]X¸%HZ[[X[\]Z\[Y[[HY[[\\^YX[^K]\x&]HY[[HYܘ[B[\H܈[[ YX\[[H[ٝ[܈HX[KX[H[\HY[x&]HXYH[ۙH^x%X]\Hو[K]8&\HX\\HYHܚ]\H^HB̂QԐSHTTQH K N