Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 30

C O M M I T T E E L E A D E R S H I P Value Chain & Sustainability Committee Board Liaison – Joy Atkinson, Firmenich Staff – Amanda Nguyen, Director, Government Affairs & Legal Mission: Strategically enhance relationships and perceptions of the fragrance industry with partners across the value chain by: • Establishing advocacy and communication platforms between IFRA North America and value chain participants, including suppliers, customers, retailers, consumers, and third party programs. • Coordinating IFRA North America positions with appropriate key stakeholders, including trade associations, organizations, and third party certifiers, resulting in valuable information networks and strategic alliances. • Providing educational opportunities for IFRA North America members to enhance the industry’s understanding and impact in the area of sustainability. • Facilitating the exchange of sustainability best practices for IFRA North America members. • Assisting members, suppliers, and customers through activities, knowledge sharing, and timely reporting on key value chain and sustainability issues. Co-Chair: Stephanie Blakely Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Symrise, Inc. “I love the smell of plumeria because the fragrance brings back memories of the pure, revitalizing beauty experienced in Hawaii.” Working for the Symrise organization is an honor, and leading the amazing NA Scent & Care regulatory team is so gratifying. My responsibilities are both challenging and rewarding, and I would not want it any other way! 30 FRAGRANCE NOTES ISSUE 1, 2018