Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 18

B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S Andreas Steiner Director “I love the smell of cardamom seeds—their intense aromatic, resinous scent brings back vivid, fond memories of my time in the Middle East, where I experienced unsurpassed hospitality and extraordinary culinary delights among friends. I can close my eyes and be transported to places where the air is filled with the incredible scent of freshly ground coffee combined with aromatic cardamom. Wonderful!” I serve as the President of Fragrances North America at Symrise, and have worked in fragrance for over 20 years. I was born in Germany, spent my childhood in Mexico City, and completed my studies in Berlin. For the past decade at Symrise, I have been able to apply my global experience by leading sales and development teams in Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States to support clients, employees, suppliers, and other business partners in the business of scent and care. Steve Tanner Director “Nothing says ‘summer’ to me more than the mouth-watering taste of a juicy Georgia peach. I find it fascinating that a raw material like buchu mercaptan, which on its own smells like a regrettable fruit and sulfur combination, can be used by perfumers in tiny quantities to perfectly replicate the scent of just-picked liquid sunshine.” I serve as the President & CEO of Arylessence, Inc., and have been with the company for over 30 years. As Chairman of a family-owned business, $܁ѡЁѡ́ݡٕ役ݽɭ́ѽѡȸQ)́ݡЁ́ȁͥ́ɽѠՍ́́䁡ѡЁ́ݡЁ́%I9)ɽѥٔ()II9 9=QL%MMUİ