Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 13

B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S Al Bauer Director “There are too many scents to choose from to pick just one. The beauty of our industry is that our products invoke a positive emotion across all ages and cultures that is very personal.” I am a fragrance veteran, who has held leadership roles in numerous global companies over the course of my career. Currently, I’m Vice President at Citrus and Allied. Robert Bedoukian Director D I R E C T O R S “For me, the great thing about fragrance is how it can contribute to so many different moods or feelings, whether they be clean and invigorating, relaxing, energizing, or comforting. Added to this is the excitement of watching the almost infinite number of ways in which fragrance ingredients can be invented and then combined to create incredible new scents.” After graduating from Tuft’s in Chemical Engineering, I went to work on a PhD in Chemistry at Purdue. While I was there, my father, who had been in this industry his entire career, founded Bedoukian Research. I joined him in 1975 and now serve as the President of Bedoukian Research. FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG 13