Fragrance Notes ISSUE 1, 2018 - Page 12

B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S Miguel Alemañy Director D I R E C T O R S “I love the smell of 4711 because it reminds me of my childhood when my aunt wore it and over-perfumed all of us kids.” As R&D Director of Flavors and Fragrances, I manage the world’s largest perfume company that no one knows about: Procter & Gamble. I believe this area is exciting because 100 percent of what we do in life has a scent component. From eating and sleeping to cognitive development to interpersonal relationships, scent has a pivotal role. There is still so much we do not know, so research in this area is fascinating, and I can’t wait for the next invention!” Joy Atkinson Director D I R E C T O R S “My favorite fragrance is something created for a project for Miuccia Prada by the Firmenich Master Perfumer, Annie Buzantian. Unfortunately, Miuccia didn’t fall in love with it… but I did. Made of the highest-quality materials found in the world, orange flower verbena (25% EDP) reminds me of the shining, warm sun, a field of beautiful flowers, brightness, and love—fresh, vibrant and perfectly beautiful all in a scent just for me. Thank you, Annie! It is a fragrance gift and memory I shall cherish forever, just like our friendship.” I joined Firmenich in 1995 after roles in fragrance, cosmetics, and fashion at JCPenney, Rich’s Department Stores, and Minnetonka/Tsumura. Now I am the President of Firmenich Body and Home Care, North America. In addition to fulfilling work and family, I proudly serve on the Board of Directors for IFRANA, Cosmetic Executive Women, the American Cleaning Institute, and the Board of Trustees for the Roxey Ballet Company. 12 FRAGRANCE NOTES ISSUE 1, 2018