FPS Vital News - Page 25

HARD-TO-FIND PARTS The continual efforts of the 360° team has led to the addition of c.11,000 products to the FPS portfolio, that have traditionally not been associated with FPS and are difficult to locate on the e-catalogues. See below an alphabetical listing of such hard-to-find parts and the way to locate them. PART DESCRIPTION ABS Sensor Ring Air Horn Air Hose Air Supply Intake Manifold Blower Regulator Brake Pressure Reservoir Clutch Control Switch Clutch Pedal Rubber Coolant Expansion Tank Coolant Flange Coolant Level Sensor Crankcase Breather Hose Crankcase Breather Seal Dephaser Pulley / Camshaft Gear Differential / Drive YX[܈۝X]܈[H [\[܊B^[[ۈ[‘X\۝XBY۝[]Y[^B^\\[]XY[\][[[܂XY[\]X]\[\\܂Q[\’Y][X [Z\[ۈ[\ UJB[X]܈[^B[\[܈\[\X“[\X[[\[ZY[܂\X[\^BY[HX\[”Y\[”YX[[X[ UJBX]Y\Y[ۛ؂X]PBY[܈\ZYBYY[܂[\[]Z[]H[X\H][\\]\H]\B\\[] \[•Y[X]Y[XX[PSHSRSLBY][X‘[XX[[[H\‘Y[ [[HX[Y[Y[[ X][’Y][X]X[ۂ^XH[[[[ X][[ X][[ X][‘[[H\‘[[H\‘[[H\‘[[H\‘[XX[H [B[ X][X\‘[XX[[XX[[XX[Y[‘[XX[[ X][“Y[‘[\ Yۚ][ۂ[XX[[ X][‘[[H\‘[[H\‘[XX[H [B[Z\[ۂ[Z\[ۂ[[H\H [B[XX[H [BY[ [[HX[Y[Y[[[H\H [B[ X][‘[[H\[ X][•[Z\[ۂ[Z\[ۂPSHSRSLZHY][X[\\ܛ[[[ؚ[\\X]\\\[\‘[[HX[Y[Y[ Y[[X[ۈ\”YX]ܜX]\ \ZHY][X”]\[ܜ H]\\[[[”YX]ܜX][\”YX]܈\\[]”]\[ܜ H[ X][X]\\\[\‘[[H\]X[‘[[H\‘[[H\]X[”]\[ܜ HH [[[[”YX]ܜX][\X\”Y[]ܜ[^\[Y”Y[]ܜ[^\[Y”]\[ܜ HH [[Y[]”]\[ܜ HH [[]\[ܜ H[ X][“[\[]‘[\ \BY[]ܜ[^\[Y”YX]ܜX]\ \‘[[H\]X[‘[[H\”]\[ܜ HH [[[[Ո[]HY]H\[[]\[[‘[[H\]X[”[[”]\[ܜ HH [[[[‘[[HX[Y[Y[ Y[[X[ۈ\‘[[H\”[[”]\[ܜ H[ X][‘[[H\”YX]ܜX][\•Y[\X]•Y[\X]‚Y[H\[\[O[\X\[H]HYY\H܈\X][ۜH۸&]ݙ\Y[H[Y[H[\\[[H[[K[XZ[[\\]Y\Έ ͌\X][ۋ˝Z•USUTQH BT UQSTSV B