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PARTNER UP WITH GATES explains how they help increase sales and revenue streams through their TechPartner Programme with VITAL NEWS. Gates has a strong reputation for providing comprehensive technical solutions to help increase garage loyalty to the motor factors. Initiatives like the Gates TechPartner Programme help create a market pull for Gates products and services while improving installation best practices. GATES TECHPARTNER-SHIP Garages that partake in the Gates TechPartner Programme enjoy in-depth technical training in the field of drive systems maintenance and repair, conducted by technical experts from Gates. They are also given easy access to specialist tools for professional installers and technical newsletters that provide the latest industry and technological updates. Furthermore, they enjoy peace of mind with an exclusive, extended warranty. For example, while Gates timing belt kits carry a standard 2-year warranty, Gates TechPartners enjoy an extra 2 years on top of the standard warranty. Special TechPartner training workshops will be provided free of charge in order to help sign up the garage customers to the programme. Additional promotional material will also be readily available. The Gates TechPartner Programme allows motor factors and installers to benefit from a genuine partnership with the leading manufacturer and supplier of OE quality Synchronous Belt Drive Systems (SBDS) and Auxiliary Belt Drive Systems (ABDS). COMPREHENSIVE KITS Gates has a comprehensive range of both SBDS and ABDS kits. On top of being a revenue stream for motor factors, these kits also help reduce the number of warranty claims as a result of improper installation. With more than 1,000 references and further range extensions in the pipeline, each Gates PowerGrip® or Micro-V® kit can be easily sourced with OE-matched parts to ensure that all components work together, perfectly. TechPartners also raise the profile of their businesses with the association and support of a reputable OE supplier and drive systems specialist. For garages to qualify as a Gates TechPartner, they must adhere to guidelines set by Gates. TechPartners are required to complete the necessary technical training and are obliged to use all application appropriate tools, where specified. They must also be able to conduct installations in accordance to manufacturers’ specifications. FACTORING IN The Gates TechPartner Programme is most successful when Gates, the motor factor and the garage, work cohesively together. This is when the benefits of the programme filters through every level of the supply chain. Membership requirements for TechPartners help motor factors maintain a constant stream of sales and improve customer satisfaction. It also helps decrease warranty claims by providing installers with enhanced technical support and proper tools to do the job with precision, according to best practices. To further support motor factors in this programme, all necessary tool packs are readily available through FPS. This enables the factor to offer the installer a complete tooling solution for either purchase or hire, should they not have themselves already available. VITAL NEWS ISSUE 44 BRIDGING THE GAP As a manufacturer of OE parts for the majority of vehicle manufacturers around the world, Gates has an extensive product range and offers complete aftermarket solutions. This includes providing technical support to garages with tips, product and tool information, as well as installation guidelines via their technical website – GatesTechZone. com. This free resource is compatible with any handheld device, making it an easy point of reference for garages. Furthermore, all Gates products available from FPS are catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please speak with your local Gates or FPS representative. TECHNICAL SUPPORT 17