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COMPETITION WINNER A huge congratulations to Peter Peterson from WJ King. Peter is the lucky winner of the Klarius Competition from Vital News July. He takes home a 49" Ultra HD TV by Philips, courtesy of Klarius. In this issue, you stand a chance to win a bicycle of your choice with £450 and a Winter Cycle Pack, courtesy of Remy International. All you have to do is spot the difference in the photos, on the back page and send it to FPS by 11th November 2016. All the best! ORANGE = PMS P30-8C [L-R] Tracy Whitely (Klarius), Peter Peterson (WJ King) and Gary Rudge (CCA Territory Manager, FPS Charlton and Maidstone) TAKE A BREAK WITH Thanks to PMA for sponsoring this issue’s Take a Break. PMA’s range of maintenance aerosols covers the needs of a professional or vehicle enthusiast. With 13 products within the range, there are five colour coded product families covering: cleaners, lubricants, greases, adhesives and leak detection. Precisely engineered products to provide optimum results every time, PMA maintenance aerosols come with informative user directions to ensure optimum product use. PMA maintenance aerosols are exclusively available through FPS. LEAVE IT TO THE PROS DIY vehicle maintenance and repair is often regarded as a therapeutic process by enthusiasts. A finished project often comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride. That said, some people should really leave car maintenance and repairs to the pros. “The Fast and Furious had suffered some severe budget cuts.” Cardboard body kit. (SOURCE: superstreetonline.com) “Wheeler Dealers would be proud… NOT!” Torch lights as headlamps. (SOURCE: Brunchnews.com) “One is not like the others.” A whole new way to use a garden tap. (SOURCE: avtomaniya.com) “You missed a spot!” Broom as a windscreen wiper in the winter. “Squeaky clean.” This is not how you valet a car. (SOURCE: Funsters.com) (Psst… to avoid soggy upholstery, PMA has a valeting range too.) VITAL NEWS ISSUE 44 TAKE A BREAK 15